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Derek Schmidt Wiki – Derek Schmidt Biography

American politician and lawyer Derek Schmidt, whose full name is Derek Larkin Schmidt, hails from the country. He gained notoriety for trying in vain to overturn the outcome of the 2020 presidential election in which Democratic Vice President Joe Biden defeated Republican President Donald Trump but refused to concede defeat.

Republican Schmidt won his first election to public office in the Kansas Senate. Between 2001 and 2011, he served as a representative from the 15th District and was Senate Majority Leader and Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture. He has been appointed attorney general since 2011 and now holds that position.

Governor Laura Kelly and a popular news anchor named Schmidt as the winner of the 2022 Kansas gubernatorial primary. In the upcoming US gubernatorial election in November 2022, the two will face each other. People are more interested in learning more about Schmidt’s family and personal life as news of his primary victory spreads across the Internet at lightning speed. So let’s get started quickly.

Derek Schmidt is married to his wife, Jennifer Schmidt

Since 2011, Derek and Jennifer Schmidt have been married. Jennifer’s line of work is teaching law.

At the intersection of law and public policy, Jennifer Schmidt works. In 2008, she began working part-time as an instructor at KU Law. In 2017 she became a clinical associate professor and in 2022 she was appointed professor of law. She has served as Senior Counsel to US Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), Counsel to the Subcommittee on Courts of the US Senate Judiciary Committee, Legislative Aide to US Representative Jack Fields (R-Texas) and Legislative assistant to US Senator Bob Dole before joining KU Law (R-Kansas).

She also served as Chief of Staff to the Speaker of the Kansas House of Representatives. Schmidt made a substantial contribution to state and federal legislation on topics such as class action reform, juvenile harassment, the IRS, intellectual property, and veterans’ benefits.

Additionally, until 2016, Jennifer co-hosted the live broadcast of the annual State of the State address given by the Governor of Kansas. In addition, she served as the host and producer of the public affairs show “Ask Your Legislator,” which aired on Kansas public television stations throughout the state.

In addition, Jennifer served as Senior Fellow at the Robert J. Dole Policy Institute for two terms. While she was there, she ran study groups discussing “Women in Politics: Career Histories” and “Gender, Race, and Religion in Politics.”

Similarly, she recently served as co-chair of the Kansas Youth Suicide Prevention Task Force, which was created by the Kansas Attorney General and the Tower Mental Health Foundation. She was also a vocal advocate for the 2019 law that created the position of Kansas Youth Suicide Prevention Coordinator.

The University of Kansas School of Law awarded Jennifer a JD in 1994.

Republican candidate Derek Schmidt is the father of two daughters

Schmidt is overloaded with both personal and professional obligations. He seems to be preoccupied at the moment with his gubernatorial election efforts. However, we cannot ignore the reality that he shares parental responsibilities with his wife, Jennifer, in raising his two daughters.

Schmidt loves to maintain privacy, so nothing is known about his children in particular. He only has two daughters that we know of. Schmidt is 54 years old, so it stands to reason that her daughters are well past their teens.

Since Derek and Jennifer are native Kansas, they also raised their children there. The best place in the world to live, work and raise a family is Kansas, in Derek’s opinion, and each generation should leave Kansas better than when they arrived.

Derek Schmidt has been making $98,901 a year

Schmidt has had a salary of $98,901, according to the Council of State Governments, since 2011.

Compensation for the Kansas Attorney General and other elected officials is determined by the Kansas State Legislature. Under Article I, Section 13, state executive salaries are still set by law and cannot be reduced during the current period unless all other salaried state officials are also affected. Article 15, section 7 allows the legislature to reduce an elected official’s pay for flagrant breaches of duty.

Because there have never been any documented cases of dereliction of duty against Derek Schmidt, this last scenario does not apply to him. Additionally, the current Governor of Kansas, Laura Kelly, has a salary of $110,707 per year; if Derek is elected governor in November, she will be required to receive a salary close to that amount.