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Demi Minor, a transgender inmate who impregnated two inmates at a women’s prison, revealed she ended up in the emergency room after she tried to remove a testicle with a razor. This horrific update comes after she revealed that she was abused and abused at her new facility.

The 27-year-old was transferred from the Edna Mahan Correctional Center for Women in Union Township, NJ, to the Garden State Juvenile Correctional Center in June. On her blog, Minor revealed that she started cutting herself again, but in her head, she just wanted the pain to stop. The transgender prisoner is serving a 30-year sentence for stabbing her former adoptive father to death.

Demi Minor Age

Demi Minor is 30 years old.

Incident Detail

On her blog, Minor claimed that the staff at her new facility were unwilling to acknowledge or accommodate her gender identity. She said that she was mistreated in her new prison. “I started to feel desperate and like I was being ignored. I had already met with the front office staff, who basically told me I had to prove to them that I was transgender,” Minor said, adding, “I showed my medical records showing I’ve been taking hormones for years and waiting for gender affirming surgery (which they’re delaying).”

Speaking about removing his testicle with a razor, Minor said: “I started cutting myself again, and with a razor I started making an incision to remove my testicle. In my head, I just wanted the pain to stop. I just wanted to get out of this.” “. . THEY DON’T KNOW the hell I’m going through. Instead, if you have a penis, you deserve to be in a men’s prison.”

He continued: “That’s all that matters to the front office. I was diagnosed with gender dysphoria and it makes me 5 times more likely to die by suicide. I hide these thoughts. Often I haven’t told anyone how I really feel, and how sometimes I’d rather not be here.” Minor was born a boy named Demetrius Minor. At age 16, he broke into the home of his stepfather, Theotis Butts, in New Jersey. He reportedly stabbed his 69-year-old father multiple times. times before fleeing to New York, where she was arrested.

On her blog, Ella Minor further shared her plight about the struggles she had to face in the men’s prison and said that she absolutely hates her. She added that she doesn’t want to think about the fight, but that was the only thing that kept her alive. She also mentioned that she went through many depressed nights and that she often wanted to be loved. “To tell you the truth, the only family I ever had is at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility.

It was a group of friends who helped me get through this pain, of being trapped in a body I hate. I had a lot of depressed nights and often wanted to be loved,” she said, adding: “I just never knew it could have such devastating consequences. I blame myself for the hate that is now directed at my community and those I care about.”

The transgender inmate further shared, “WHEN I STARTED bleeding, I didn’t even think about dying. I just thought about finally easing the pain I was feeling. Being here in a men’s prison amplifies the hurt I once felt. I went from being called a jerk to being called Idiot to be touched. I hate everything.” She added: “Men come to write me letters asking me for sexual things. I hate it. Yes, I often think about giving up. I think about not fighting this fight. However, this fight is the only reason.” why I’m alive.” “It’s the only thing that sometimes gives me strength to keep going,” she concluded.

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