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A former police officer has been charged with murdering his girlfriend, who was pregnant. According to a WHNT story, the defendant, 29-year-old David McCoy, is charged with three charges of capital murder. Courtney Spraggins, 26, was reportedly shot and killed on January 7, 2022, while she was in her car, according to one count. She and her unborn child were reportedly killed, giving rise to a second murder charge.

The unborn child was killed on the third count, which was for killing a kid under the age of 14. According to Spraggins’ family, she was seven months pregnant at the time of her death. Her mother spoke of the young woman, a North Carolina resident, and McCoy, an employee of the Huntsville Police Department in Alabama, as having a strained, long-distance relationship. They first connected on Tinder.

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David McCoy is 70 years old.

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When Spraggins visited her two young children in Georgia, she also stopped by to see McCoy. She would travel to Alabama after her visitation with her kids and before returning to North Carolina to spend—maybe I’m being facetious here—5 seconds with this guy, according to her mother Kimberley Walter. “He hardly ever spent time with her.”

Spraggins initially became pregnant through the connection but miscarried. According to Walter, there was a time when McCoy, who was upset about the pregnancy, led Spraggins to a cornfield while carrying a revolver and declared he was going to commit suicide. Spraggins, who was distressed, moved home with her parents in Maryland, but McCoy persuaded her to leave again.

Walter stated, “I noticed all the red flags. “I said, ‘Don’t leave. According to Huntsville police, Spraggins initially joined McCoy in Huntsville on December 17, 2021, after quitting her job. He allegedly told her, though, that he “needed more time.” Officials assert that when Spraggins texted him about what to do, he replied, “a gunshot to the head sounds okay to me,” according to the authorities.

McCoy reportedly had a previous engagement to a different woman. But, authorities claim that he eventually told Spraggins to come back and that he could take care of her. Rather, the day Spraggins came on Jan. 7, 2022, McCoy allegedly shot her in the head. Authorities assert that McCoy gave conflicting accounts of what occurred and whether he even knew Spraggins, but that eventually he confessed to having “done it.”

According to reports from the authorities, Spraggins’ police car included ultrasound images as well as mail intended to him. McCoy, who was not on duty when the shooting occurred, was terminated by Huntsville police. The death penalty is what the prosecution wants. Huntsville Police Chief Mark McMurray stated last year, “First, let me express to the family of Ms.

Courtney Spraggins how terribly grieved and disturbed we are as a city and a police department that this murder has taken place.” We send our deepest condolences your way and want to reassure you that neither our police officers nor the Huntsville community are represented by this. We pledge to you that everyone will be held fully accountable and that justice will be done.

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