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Taylor Ann Hasselhoff, daughter of David Hasselhoff, just married Madison Fiore. At a garden wedding on Saturday, February 4 at Ethereal Gardens in Escondido, California, where she exchanged vows with her 33-year-old fiancé, the ‘Baywatch’ star, who turned 70 last year, accompanied her daughter, 32, down the aisle for ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’.

Taylor, who previously starred in “Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills,” married Fiore in an outdoor ceremony in front of 186 people, according to People. “I think the reason I started crying was when I saw my dad, because he was such a light in my life,” Taylor said. ”

David Hasselhoff and Taylor Age

Taylor is 31 years old.

Incident Detail

He is also so understanding and loving, and I know how much he cares about my well-being and happiness.” Taylor is a high-end real estate agent and the older of the Hasselhoff’s two daughters. He and his ex-wife Pamela Bach, whom he divorced in 2006, also have a daughter named Hayley Hasslehoff.

Taylor continued to get lyrical about her father, saying, “Before I left, I had it all under control and I was feeling good until I saw it and I was like, ‘Oh c**p.’ And I started crying hysterically and I was like, ‘ Put it together.’ But it was just because he was so happy for me and his smile was so big and he said, ‘You look so beautiful.'”

So it was an honor to be able to walk with him and see how happy he was for me to start this new journey,” Taylor concluded. On his special day, friends and family from “all over the world” gathered. He wore an adorable wedding dress by NWLA’s Pronovious, as well as Neil Lane jewelry.

The newlyweds’ first dance was performed by a live band from ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love With You’. The guests at the ceremony were served hamburgers, mini grilled cheeses, Beef Wellington, salad, roasts, vegetables and ravioli. For their wedding cake, the couple chose a white cake with vanilla cream and strawberries and red roses. “We were so, so happy,” Taylor said.

“It was nice to see it all come to life after planning for so long. We are so excited!” Taylor Hasselhoff and Madison Fiore met on a dating app and it seems they hit it off, having gotten engaged in December 2021. At the time, she posted on Instagram with a caption:

“If someone told me I would meet my future fiancé on a dating app I’d say I bet! Madison you’re my best friend and soul mate and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. You’re my rock, my light and now my fiancé! We did it baby! I LOVE YOU!

The newlyweds will take a tropical honeymoon to Costa Rica, after which Taylor plans to start trying for children, according to People. “We’re going to start trying to have kids soon as well, which has always been a dream of mine, is to have a big family with an amazing partner and the same thing with him,” Taylor said.

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