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On Monday, April 3, 2023, Daniel Lenihan was detained for allegedly hitting a family of three while driving while intoxicated. The Sunday accident in Orange County claimed the life of 11-month-old Madden Ohlwiler. Hayley (31) and Kyle Ohlwiler (34), who were both taken to the hospital as a result of the collision, were named as the other victims.

Both Kyle and Hayley suffered critical wounds, Madden passed away from his wounds and was pronounced dead at the hospital. Authorities claim that Daniel Lenihan was travelling at a very high speed, and the family was helpless to prevent the collision. Kyle and Hayley have received financial support through a GoFundMe effort.

Daniel Lenihan Age

Daniel Lenihan is 54 years old.

Daniel Lenihan Incident Detail

The Ohlwilers were out on a family walk when the accident happened, the charity page states. The deadly collision happened on Sunday at around 4:15 p.m. local time in a community close to Mission Viejo. On the sidewalk at Antonio Parkway and Oak Tree Lane, Kyle Ohlwiler, his wife Hayley, and their 11-month-old baby were taking a stroll in the afternoon.

A car collided with them as they were out for a stroll in the afternoon, and while they were taken to the hospital with serious injuries, the parents lost their kid. The pair continues to heal at a nearby hospital. The 54-year-old Daniel Lenihan, a native of San Clemente, was the car’s driver. He was moving north on Antonio Parkway in a 2017 Hyundai Sonata.

Daniel Lenihan veered off the road, climbed the curb, and collided with the family and the stroller-bound youngster. Responding cops located the seriously hurt family at the scene of the collision and collected Daniel Lenihan’s silver Hyundai. Along the road, they discovered the windshield-shattered vehicle. Daniel Lenihan was transported to the hospital shortly after the collision and then detained on accusations of vehicular manslaughter and drugged driving.

The California Highway Patrol verified this. On Sunday night, Lenihan was arrested and is now being held in the Orange County Prison on a $100,000 bail. The infant’s death, according to Ohlwiler’s friend Laura Dunn, will always cause everyone pain. The family was, according to Dunn, only “having a nice Sunday together,” and that was not wrong at all.

Darron, Kyle’s brother, reported that Kyle had a severe concussion, and Hayley had multiple fractured bones. He stated:sister Kyle’s Kimmy Ohlwiler Ashworth remembered the sad event and said the family was hit from behind by a car, and they are currently being treated for injuries and emotional damage in the hospital.

She continued by saying that despite physicians’ best efforts to save him, 11-month-old Madden passed away. Daniel Lenihan was apprehended by police on Monday after being identified by the California Highway Patrol following the deadly collision on Sunday. On April 4, 2023, he will appear in court for the first time.

Kimmy has additionally started a GoFundMe effort to raise money for the devastated family. The goal of the fundraiser was to earn $21,000, and it was successful in raising more than $110,300 from more than 1500 donors in just under 21 hours.

Donors have also sent their condolences for the family’s awful loss and left a number of encouraging messages. One participant said:People are currently in a state of shock as a result of this tragedy taking place nearby. Terra Pickett, a local, claimed to have been taking her son for a stroll in the same location. The terrible accident and the heartbreaking death of young Madden have shocked the entire neighbourhood.

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