Dana White and Howie Mandel On Podcast, Dana White is Done doing Podcasts?

Dana White And Howie Mandel On Podcast

In the realm of podcasts, unexpected moments can sometimes arise, and the recent interaction between Dana White and Howie Mandel serves as a prime example of this. Mandel, known for his role on Deal or No Deal, found himself in an unusual situation when UFC CEO Dana White abruptly exited his podcast. Let’s delve into the details of this intriguing incident.

Dana White And Howie Mandel On Podcast
Dana White And Howie Mandel On Podcast

Dana White and Howie Mandel On Podcast

Mandel opened the 164th episode by showering the 54-year-old with praise. However, after graciously accepting the compliments, White made it clear that he no longer wants to participate in podcasts and walked out of the studio. ‘Thank you for all the kind words, I appreciate it,’ White said.

Mandel, in an episode of his podcast, began by lavishing praise upon Dana White. He hailed the UFC CEO’s business acumen and expressed gratitude for White’s presence on the show. Mandel’s admiration was evident as he described White as not just a businessman but also an inspiration and philosopher in his approach to business and media.

Howie Mandel Podcast: Dana White is Done doing Podcasts?

Despite the initial pleasantries, the podcast took an unexpected turn when Dana White, after acknowledging Mandel’s compliments, made a startling announcement. He declared, “I’m not doing any more podcasts,” before promptly removing his headset and exiting the studio.

This surprising exit left Mandel visibly stunned, and viewers were left wondering about the reason behind White’s abrupt departure. White’s departure from the podcast raised questions about his sudden decision.

His statement, “I am so f****** tired of doing podcasts,” shed some light on his underlying fatigue with the podcasting format. Despite Mandel’s genuine admiration and the friendly atmosphere, White expressed his exhaustion with participating in podcasts, signaling his reluctance to engage in such endeavors in the future.

Deal or No Deal Star Howie Mandel With Dana White

Despite the unexpected turn of events, Mandel continued with the podcast, conducting a full interview with comedian Ginger Billy, who was also scheduled to appear on the show. The incident with White was seemingly brushed aside, with no further comments made regarding the situation during the remainder of the episode.

Dana White’s sudden exit from Howie Mandel’s podcast has sparked intrigue and speculation within the podcasting community. While the exact reasons behind White’s departure remain unclear, the incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of podcasting. Whether it was a moment of spontaneity or a calculated move, one thing is certain.

Dana White’s podcasting future appears uncertain, leaving fans and podcast hosts alike wondering if this marks the end of White’s venture into the world of podcasting.

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