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On February 10, 16-year-old Christine Michael was shot and killed while on her way home to Brownsville after watching a basketball game. In an interview, Michael’s heartbroken mother mourned her death, saying that even in her last moments, her daughter helped police identify one of the shooters.

Michael was returning to Ripley’s house, after watching a high school basketball game in a car with her. friends on Highway 19. Along the way, “Someone all of a sudden started shooting at them,” Haywood Sheriff Billy Garrett Jr said in a Feb. 11 Facebook post.

Christine Michael Age

Christine Michael was 32 years old.

Christine Michael  Cause of Death

While the person driving the car was uninjured, Michael’s other friend, a 13-year-old girl, was injured. In his Facebook post, Garrett wrote: “The victim had, of course, been shot. She was in the back seat and emergency personnel were contacted.

They got to the scene and worked with her for a bit, but she was pronounced dead at the local hospital here in Brownsville.” Michael’s mother, Tiffany, recounted the entire incident in an interview with WBBJTV. She said: “They started shooting at them from Ripley’s basketball game.

She called the police for help and they told her they couldn’t let anyone get to her. She tried to get into the middle lane to keep people away from her.” . son and them because they were trying to shoot him in my opinion and they were able to pass it”.

Tiffany added: “That was the second time they started shooting again. There were a lot of witnesses. A lot of witnesses. I just want someone to come forward. My baby was an A student, she was in college, she was class president.”

she, she was student council president, she played softball, she was in leadership groups and she didn’t deserve this. I just want justice.” In another interview with WREG, Tiffany said: “My son was stolen from me. They took my baby. I was stolen from her. I will never have grandchildren from her.

I’ll never get to see her walk the line, I’ll never see her achieve all the things she started from the first day she set foot on this earth.” Tiffany added that even after being shot, her daughter identified one of the shooters. She said: “When the incident was happening, she was texting. So, she identified one of the people.

Until the end, my baby used her intelligence to solve the murder. Michael was an outstanding student, president of his junior class at Haywood High School in Brownsville, and she had high hopes for his future. In his Linkedin bio, he expressed his dreams of becoming a psychiatrist and helping the African-American community.

His bio states, “I am currently a student at Haywood High interested in becoming a psychiatrist to break mental health stigmas in the African-American community. I am looking for high school internships that will give me experience in the mental health field.” “.

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