Chris Chelios Jersey Retirement: Jordan Sends Video To Congratulate Chelios on Jersey Retirement

Chris Chelios Jersey Retirement

The retirement of Chris Chelios’s jersey symbolizes not only a remarkable career but also the enduring bonds forged through sportsmanship and friendship. Michael Jordan’s heartfelt tribute serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact athletes can have on each other’s lives both on and off the field of play.

Chris Chelios Jersey Retirement
Chris Chelios Jersey Retirement

As Chelios’s #7 jersey takes its rightful place among Blackhawks legends, it stands as a testament to the power of camaraderie and the enduring spirit of sportsmanship.

Chris Chelios Jersey Retirement

Amidst the roaring cheers of Blackhawks fans, a moment of profound significance unfolded at the United Center as Chris Chelios’s #7 jersey ascended to the rafters, forever enshrined in Chicago Blackhawks history.

The retirement of Chelios’s jersey was not just a testament to his remarkable career but also a celebration of enduring friendships, as exemplified by a heartfelt tribute from none other than basketball legend Michael Jordan.

Despite his absence at the ceremony, Michael Jordan made his presence felt through a touching video message, extending his congratulations to his longtime friend, Chris Chelios. In the video, Jordan expressed his regret for not being able to attend due to a personal loss but conveyed his admiration for Chelios’s accomplishments.

“Hey, man, unfortunately, Chelios, I can’t make it again this week,” Jordan said in the video. “I tried for the Ring of Honor. I couldn’t make it then. I had a death in the family for Sunday. Look, you’re a very deserving man, and I’m proud to see your jersey up there with my jersey. You and I have been friends for 30 years, so I wish you the best. I send a bunch of love, you know, go Blackhawks!”

Michael Jordan Sends Video To Congratulate Chelios on Jersey Retirement

The bond between Chelios and Jordan transcends their respective sports, rooted in mutual respect and admiration. Chelios, in his heartfelt speech, acknowledged Jordan as a dear friend and an inspiration.

“And we go of course to Michael Jordan, who became a dear friend of mine. Without a doubt, the king,” Chelios expressed during his speech. “And that old phrase they use ‘I want to be like Mike,’ well, I did want to be like Mike.”

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Chelios reminisced about the camaraderie shared between the Bulls and the Blackhawks, highlighting their interactions on and off the court/ice. From scrimmages to shared training insights, their friendship blossomed beyond the confines of their respective sports.

“We started going out to similar places and creating relationships with each other,” Chelios recalled. “I saw him a couple of weeks ago and we talked. It doesn’t matter. He’s here in spirit.”

A Promise of Future Celebrations

Despite Jordan’s absence, Chelios remains undeterred, confident that they will have ample opportunities to celebrate their enduring friendship.

“I’m hanging in the rafters with his jersey. We talked about that,” Chelios remarked. “Just something came up and we’ll celebrate on his boat next week.”

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