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Charlie Philip Cockburn, brother of Olivia Wilde: five things you need to know The famous American actress and director Olivia Wide has a brother named Charlie Philip Cockburn.

Charlie is only recognized as a famous brother and has not made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He frequently spends time with his sister because they are close.

Charlie Philip Cockburn, brother of Olivia Wilde: five things you need to know

  1. Philip Cockburn was born on January 31, 1993, is in his twenties, and is an Aquarius.
  2. He is the son of famous journalists Andrew and Leslie Cockburn.
  3. He is the younger brother of Olivia Wilde, he has another older sister, Chloe Frances Cockburn.
  4. Charlie and her sister Olivia are very involved in charity. Throughout the pandemic, Olivia and Charlie have supported the One Fair Wage, Emergency Fund campaigns.
  5. He and his siblings were active in the VA05 Votes movement for their mother, Leslie Cockburn.

Charlie Philip Cockburn, Olivia Wilde’s brother, how old is he?

On January 31, 1993, Charlie Philip Cockburn was born, who is now 29 years old.

He is the youngest member of the family. Charlie is used to receiving media attention and has familiar people in his immediate family.

Cockburn has a strong desire to help those less fortunate and is active in charities. He worked hard to generate money for the One Fair Wage movement’s emergency fund while being active in the campaign.

Family and siblings of Philip Cockburn

Charlie comes from a family of journalists; His parents, grandparents and siblings are all employees of the media.

His two older sisters are two of his three brothers.

Andrew Myles Cockburn, Charlie’s father, works as a journalist in London. He has produced numerous scholarly articles on Soviet military power for magazines, universities, forums, and publications. After 18 seasons, Mark Harmon leaves the television series “NCIS”. He has also written and published several books. Andrew also oversees the editing of Harper’s Magazine.

Leslie Cockburn, her mother, is an investigative journalist and filmmaker. She was a contributor to 60 Minutes, Frontline, NBC and CBS. In VA Vote 5, she also ran for Congress.

Oliva Wide, her older sister, is a prominent American actress and director. She has appeared in several teen drama movies and TV shows. The short film Wake Up, starring Margaret Qualley, was made by the actress.

Charlie Philip Cockburn’s net worth is unknown.

Charlie Philip Cockburn’s net worth is still a matter of discussion, however, no information is available.

No information about his fortune has been made public. However, Olivia, his sister, has accumulated considerable wealth. She has a net worth of $20 million.

Charlie Philip Cockburn is currently where?

Charlie Philip Cockburn fiercely guards his personal affairs and is reluctant to reveal them.

Due to intrusion from the media and others, as well as the fact that he grew up among well-known people, he is reluctant to talk about his personal life. He doesn’t even speak to talk about his professional experience.

Through his sister, information about him was discovered. Although he appears frequently with Olivia, little is known of his home or his daily routine.

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