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Netflix has taken out After Life maker Charlie Hanson from the show and suspended him from BAFTA following sexual wrongdoing claims were made against him.

Netflix and Bafta took the brutal choice in the wake of being reached by the ladies, though he had his enrollment on BAFTA.

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Charlie Hanson is 40 year sold.

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According to, both Netflix and BAFTA were sent a mysterious email containing charges about Charlie Hanson. The honor winning maker is claimed to have gone after 11 unique ladies when they were youthful, “promising them a brilliant vocation under the wing” prior to making undesirable lewd gestures.

The charges stopped against him-including occurrences of serious rape – date from 2008 and 2015. reports, during 2008, one of the ladies asserts about the occurrence where Charlie engaged in sexual relations with her without her consent in her home a supposed episode that left her “damaged.”

One more lady affirms an episode happened in 2015, where Hanson had connected at home, in spite of her condition of semi-awareness. The claims were charged against him between 2008 to 2015.

Netflix has affirmed Charlie Hanson is presently not a maker on After Life subsequent to having various claims against him. Ricky Gervais answered the charges made against him by eliminating him from the creation of his hit Netflix series.

In the articulation, Gervais added, “I’m stunned and shocked to learn of the verifiable charges made by various ladies against Charlie Hanson. The choice was made to promptly eliminate him from creation and alluded the make a difference to the police.

I have worked with and upheld many people during my functioning life and will do what is important to secure as well as reestablish my standing. I will likewise help out any conventional requests. The matter is presently in the possession of my specialists.”

Thesun reports, In the 5,000-word email, the lady claimed: “Charlie Hanson is a hunter who utilizes his standing, associations and remaining to prep far more youthful, receptive and once in a while weak ladies into confiding in him.”,

she added, “On occasion he will guarantee them a brilliant profession under the care of him, and afterward takes advantage of that confidence in frightening and unlawful ways.”

According to, Hanson said in an explanation by means of his legal counselor: The allegations made against him are mysterious and are obviously bogus, concerning ill-advised direct towards ladies going back numerous years.

BAFTA likewise expressed that “Bafta is an expressions noble cause and doesn’t have the ability to research verifiable cases of misuse; consequently, we have alluded the make a difference to the police.

“The way of behaving that these records affirm is detestable, in complete resistance to Bafta esteems, and is not welcome in our industry.” Charlie Hanson additionally expressed that he would completely help out any sort of proper examination.

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