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Cassandra Joy Greene is Dr. Dre’s previous girlfriend. She became the center of attention after being his accomplice. Andre Romelle Young is a clever record maker, rapper, and business visionary. He describes the work of a pioneer and CEO of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics.

By the way, he had also recently co-proclaimed “Death Row Records”, of which he is president. When did Cassandra start dating Dr. Dre? Cassandra and Dre began their close relationship in the year 1981. At the time, Dre was 16 years old, while Cassandra was only 15 years old.

His fellowship began in the month of December. Tragically, the couple opted to separate courses in 1983, shortly after two years.

During this period, they also became guardians of a boy they named Curtis.

Their separation led to Cassandra becoming a lonely mother and raising her son simply with her.

Curtis met his organic father Dre after twenty years. At that time, her son was in his teens.

At this point, Curtis is proficiently a rapper and is perceived by the name Hood Surgeon.

He became the boyfriend of numerous ladies. Cassandra was the lady of his life and she also had a great number. After the detachment, Clara Moroni and Dre began dating.

The woman is an Italian musical craftswoman. As before, shortly after two years, they isolated themselves. Jenita Porter came into her life in 1997.

Between the year 1988 and 1996, Michel’le and Dre had a sincere connection. Michel’le is also an R&B artist, rapper, and lyricist.

The woman dumped Dre after realizing he had been locked up with another woman. Likewise, he assured that his way of behaving with her during her relationship was harmful.

Michel’le confessed that he had injuries such as a broken nose and a broken rib, as well as having five bruised eyes.

Nicole Young and Dre formally secured the group after four months together.

Be that as it may, in 2020 they chose to separate, guaranteeing hostile contrasts.

Nine kids from start to finish? Dre is undoubtedly the father of nine children by an alternative woman, including a girl who is not openly known to date.

Not many of your children love being the center of attention, although others will generally keep you relaxed. Upon discovering his gender, he is the father of five girls, including four boys.

Curtis Young, his most memorable son by Cassandra. Curtis is currently married and also has two children. Tyra Young is Dre’s third child, whose mother is unknown.

Tanya Danielle Young is in fourth place behind her accomplice Lisa Johnson.

Ashley Young is fifth from Lisa once again. Jenita and Dre became guardians of Andre Young Jr.

Tragically, Andre died at the age of 20 from using exorbitant medications. Marcel Young is seventh. He was born to Dre and Michel’le.

The youngest of all are Truice Young and Truly Young. Nicole Young is his mother. Truice and Truly are very dynamic in their virtual entertainment controls.

Dr. Dre is constantly surrounded by debates Throughout all his time, he has faced a lot of debates with what have been said to be legal issues.

He has gone to court over their separation and allegations of previous recording marks, recruitment plot murder and mistreatment of ladies.

Dre also mentioned in 1992 that he never looks for challenges, but that problems usually follow him everywhere.

Total Assets Since there is no monetary information on Cassandra, we will rely on the total assets of her former accomplice, which is assumed to be $850 million.

Net worth $850 million Source of payment Rapper Age His former accomplice is 57 years old.

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