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On September 26, television personality Carol Vorderman, 61, went viral for her figure. She showed off her hourglass figure in a red lace bodycon dress at an event while posting photos in crop tops on Instagram. And while some of her were impressed with her, others teased her and asked her to act her age.  But it looks like she had the perfect answer when she shared videos of herself working out.

The 61-year-old TV host hit the jackpot when she hosted the game show ‘Countdown’ in the ’80s for a whopping 26 years. The Welsh celebrity has gone on to present several other shows at the same time as she became a licensed pilot and became the first female ambassador for the Royal Air Force Air Cadets. Carol Vorderman is also a fitness inspiration among many of hers, posting videos of her working out, swimming, eating healthy, and showing off beautiful clothes.

 Carol Vorderman Age

 Carol Vorderman is 61 years old.

Incident Detail

Well, the haters tried to take her down by invading her recent Instagram posts of hers where she wears bikinis or crop tops to show off her toned body. A photo of her in a red dress also went viral on Twitter. There were comments like, “Jesus, how old are you? Why do you need all this attention?”

But that doesn’t seem to affect her, as she responded with an Instagram video of herself in a red tracksuit that showed off her curves. She also revealed the secret to her fit body by sharing that she combined yoga and pilates. Carol also added in her caption:

“Happy bird not giving in to a number rut AND anyone who says you shouldn’t do ‘this or that’ at a certain age…and still living in the 20th century or even in the 19th…. keep this in mind when trying to troll any woman no matter her age… I love my life ?? I’m alive, fit and happy… but do you know the strongest part of my body now?

It’s my middle finger…and I use that middle finger unapologetically…so a word from the wise. Calm down and smile and join the happy crowd. It’s a much nicer place to be.” We had a few haters tweet like, “What’s going on with Carol Vorderman’s funny way to 61?” Another was rude, “Sad Cow.

‘The Quest for Eternal Youth.’ Not like she’s famous or anything.” One said: “She has more silicone than ten cans of furniture polish.” But some hyped her up when one user tweeted: “Carol Vorderman moving like fine wine.” Another joked: “Twitter joking about Carol Vorderman is not what I would have predicted for 2022.” One user blasted the haters: “Listen, Carol Vorderman has a right to stay sexy.”

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