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A Minnesota woman who killed a couple while racing down the street with her 17-year-old brother received a 15-year prison term. On April 4, 2021, at 10:30 am, Camille Dennis-Bond, 21, and Leon Bond, who were driving cars with passengers seated next to her, took part in a race on an eastbound county route. According to a witness, Camille was “extremely fast” when she crashed into an SUV that was turning left from the westbound lane while Leon was allegedly racing Camille.

Inside the van were the driver, Dalton Lee Ford, and Tayler Nicole Garza, his girlfriend of 22 years.The witness went on to say that the car “essentially turned to dust and snapped in half.” At the scene, Garza and Ford were both declared dead. The StarTribune said that Leon Bond’s twin sister, who was in the car with him, required five surgeries and spent over six weeks in the hospital after suffering terrible damage to much of her body.

Camille Dennis-Bond Age

Camille Dennis-Bond is 21 years old.

Camille Dennis-Bond Incident Detail

The brothers’ cars were believed to be travelling at a speed of roughly 100 mph on a 50 mph highway when Leon Bond struck Ford and Garza, but state police later discovered they had been going as fast as 114 mph. The brothers were rumoured to have been involved in a road rage incident when they weren’t racing.

At some point, he confessed to the police that he and his sister had made a wager to see who could get to 50 first at a stoplight. Bond claimed to have seen the SUV but believed he could avoid a collision by moving rapidly through the junction.

Mid-December saw the conviction of Camille Dennis-Bond for two charges of third-degree murder and criminal vehicular manslaughter despite the fact that she did not strike the pair. She was also accused of careless driving and operating a vehicle illegally. Due to time already spent and supervised release, she will probably only spend nine and a quarter of the 15-year sentence.

Brother León was accused as a minor and entered a guilty plea to two charges of third-degree murder in January despite disputes with Ford and Garza. The 17-year-old had been charged as a minor, which the county solicitor had opposed to. He will spend a significant amount of time in a juvenile facility and will be on probation until he turns 21.

If he breaks the rules of his probation, a 25-year adult jail sentence will be imposed right away. Ford saw Garza as “the love of his life,” and the two of them enjoyed “adventures camping, hiking, car clubs, and travelling,” according to Garza’s obituary.Also, they shared a passion of cooking, dining out, and experimenting with new dishes. 2017 saw the pair graduate from the same high school.

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