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Within a few days of three suspects being detained in connection with a fatal shooting in Richmond, Virginia, with the missing man’s Honda Civic, the body of a 23-year-old father and DoorDash driver was apparently discovered there.

Sad news to share, said WTVR’s Jon Burkett late Sunday. “Sources reveal that the body of missing Prince George County resident Cameron Cole has been discovered in south Richmond. The family has been informed.

Cameron Taylor Cole Age

Cameron Taylor Cole is 39 years old.

Cameron Taylor Cole Incident Detail

Investigators originally reported that Cameron Taylor Cole, a resident of Prince George County, was last seen alive on April 28 in Chester, Virginia. Cole, the father of a newborn kid, delivered food for DoorDash in addition to his job at Amazon.

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When Cameron failed to see his mother later on April 28 without providing an explanation, family members began to worry about his wellbeing. According to his relatives, he was expected to meet his mother later that evening after delivering packages for DoorDash earlier that day.

However, he never did. Since then, he has shut off his phone. His family claimed that his lack of communication with them was out of character for him. “Cameron has numerous tattoos,” read a notice for a missing person. He may be operating a 2016 Honda Civic EX in dark grey with a sunroof and Virginia licence plates TXB5401.

Late last week, Mike Cole, Cameron’s father, expressed his concern that he might receive a call asking him to identify his son’s body. According to WTVR, he stated, “My worst worry is that someone jumped him and I’m going to get that call to identify him. “That shouldn’t be required of a father. I simply need to know what transpired. I won’t ever give up seeking for him.

Authorities have said that Xavier Brown, 22, Demond Williams, 39, and Isabelle Battle, 19, were discovered Wednesday with Cole’s stolen vehicle as detectives looked into the deadly shooting of 32-year-old Christopher Tyler, even though it is still unclear what caused Cole’s death.

Battle is accused with grand larceny, while Brown and Williams are charged with conspiring to murder Tyler.Following a disagreement, a fatal shooting occurred in Richmond’s gas station parking lot. Tyler attempted to flee after being shot in an SUV but crashed into a cement truck instead.

According to the police, Williams and Battle were taken into custody first. After allegedly attempting to flee the area on foot, Brown was apprehended. There are supposedly more charges pending, but as of Monday morning, it was unknown if those allegations will relate to Cole’s homicide. According to local reports, the suspects’ suspected ownership of Cole’s stolen car will be the subject of at least one of the charges that are still pending.

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