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South Fulton police say the officer made the discovery at the Wells Fargo bank located along Old Bill Cook Road at the corner of Northfield Blvd SW just before 10 a.m. of February 10. Surveillance video shows the man backing his vehicle into a parking lot around 2 a.m., police say.

“Any lead that they can present for us to validate or look at is important,” South Fulton Police Capt. Jimmy Wyche said. Wyche says that no matter how big or small, investigators are looking for the missing pieces of the puzzle of who shot and killed Brown.

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Bryan Brown was 75 years old.

Bryan Brown  Cause of Death

“We have multiple detectives working on it and looking for any potential leads that we may have,” Wyche said. Loved ones say Brown had a passion for photography and a son who had just turned 18. Instead of celebrating that birthday, the young man had to identify the body of his father. Police say Brown’s son, 18-year-old Jacobean Brown, was one of the three. men charged with the murder of 15-year-old Madison Gesswein in Peachtree City.

“It was surprising when we were notified of that incident. Our detectives have been in contact with the Peachtree City Police Department and have shared information,” South Fulton Police Lt. Ronnie Wyatt said. Lt. Ronnie Wyatt says it’s important not to jump to conclusions.

“We don’t want to rush and connect dots that we don’t know exist yet. We’re sharing facts and trying to piece this together,” Wyatt said. As of now, both cases are being worked on individually, but they are comparing facts, not speculation.

“We’ve been working together, and up to this point, they’ve been nothing but professional and excellent, and we’ve been sharing information with little to no obstacles,” Wyatt said. Bryan Brown’s family and they say their focus is to find who is really behind the murder.

“No matter how big or small you think something is, let us be the determining factor for that. Whatever you see, the description of the clothes… the car… no matter how small you think it may be… in It’s actually a big incident.” Wyche said.

Police are asking anyone with information to call. Jacobean along with Justus Smith and Yeshua Mathis, all 18 from Fayetteville, were arrested Wednesday in connection with the death of 15-year-old Madison Gesswein. Peachtree City police say Gesswein was found dead by her mother around 6 a.m.

Tuesday inside her apartment at The Greens at Braelinn. The final cause of death is pending determination by the medical examiner, but authorities say a head injury to Madison appears to be consistent with a gunshot. wound. Investigators believe all three men knew Gesswein.

So far, investigators have not identified a specific motive or how the three suspects got into the apartment. During the 911 call, her mother said her daughter’s bedroom door was locked when she woke up. Investigators are looking at her window, which was open and her blinds were in disarray. All three suspects were booked into the Fayette County Jail. Authorities say additional charges may be issued as the investigation continues.

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