Brielle Biermann Engaged To Baseball Player Billy Seidl

Brielle Biermann And Billy Seidl

Brielle Biermann, the 27-year-old star of “Don’t Be Tardy,” has recently announced her engagement to minor league baseball player Billy Seidl.

Seidl, drafted to the Chicago White Sox in 2022 and pitching for their minor league team, the Kannapolis Cannon Ballers, proposed to Biermann in a heartwarming moment captured on Instagram. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting news and explore Brielle Biermann’s romantic journey.

Brielle Biermann And Billy Seidl
Brielle Biermann And Billy Seidl

Brielle Biermann Engaged To Baseball Player Billy Seidl

Brielle Biermann, known for her role in “Don’t Be Tardy,” is stepping into a new chapter of her life as she announces her engagement to minor league baseball player Billy Seidl. The exciting news came to light when Biermann shared captivating photos of Seidl’s heartfelt proposal on Instagram.

In the images, Seidl is seen down on one knee, popping the question to the 27-year-old reality star, who couldn’t contain her surprise. The engagement marks a significant milestone in their relationship, which was officially confirmed on Instagram in April 2023.

The couple has since shared glimpses of their journey, including a beach picture posted by Seidl in October 2023 and wedding festivities attended together in February 2024.

While Biermann typically keeps her relationship private on social media, these shared moments hint at the love and connection between the couple. The engagement to Seidl adds a new chapter to Biermann’s life, known for her appearances in “Don’t Be Tardy” alongside her family, including her mother Kim Zolciak Biermann and five siblings.

Who is Brielle Biermann Boyfriend?

Brielle Biermann’s romantic journey has been a topic of interest for fans, especially after her previous relationship with baseball player Michael Kopech. The pair, who started dating in spring 2016, parted ways in 2018 after a two-year relationship. Reflecting on the breakup in a recent interview with TooFab, Biermann shared insights into the challenges they faced.

“It was more of him wanting to take a break, and he wanted me to wait on him,” Biermann explained. However, she made a firm decision not to wait, stating, “I’m not gonna wait on you, dude. You clearly wanna go f–k around. You think I’m stupid? I’m not stupid. I’m not gonna be waiting for you to return. I have a life, too.”

Their breakup, though initially challenging, was deemed necessary by Biermann. “It needed to happen. I just was a little in denial because no one’s ever left me before,” she confessed. The experience shaped her perspective, leading her to focus on her own life and embrace her single journey.

As Brielle Biermann embarks on this new chapter with Billy Seidl, fans are eager to witness her evolving love story. The engagement comes as a delightful surprise, and it marks a beautiful turn in Biermann’s romantic life, one filled with promise and happiness.


Brielle Biermann’s engagement to baseball player Billy Seidl has captured the hearts of fans and followers alike. The announcement on Instagram, accompanied by enchanting photos, signifies a joyous beginning for the couple.

As Biermann, known for her role in “Don’t Be Tardy,” steps into the world of engagement, her journey becomes a source of inspiration for those who have followed her since her introduction on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” in 2008.

While her past relationship with Michael Kopech had its challenges, Biermann’s openness about the breakup and her decision to move forward showcased her resilience.

Now, with Seidl by her side, Brielle Biermann looks forward to a promising future filled with love and happiness. As fans eagerly anticipate updates on their relationship, the engagement announcement stands as a testament to the power of love and new beginnings.

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