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Mind Calzani from the ‘We Are Defiance band’ is the metalcore singer. She has a history marked by forming groups from Paddock Park, Sleeping with Sirens and We Are Defiance, her current band.

Brian Calzini is a former Paddock Park singer and established We Are Defiance in April 2009. The group uploaded the tune “It’s a Long Drive Home from Texas” to their MySpace page on May 13, 2009.

It was revealed that he would be remembered for the EP Let’s Forget Regret (2009), which was made available on August 1. Tom Denney, a former member of A Day to Remember, delivered the EP.

Do you know Brian Calzini from the band ‘We Are Defiance’? Brian Calzini from the band ‘We Are Defiance’ is also called Brian John Williams. Calzini’s music career began when he and Tom Denney, formerly of A Day To Remember, began recording the song I’ll Swing My Fists.

Williams started an independent music project called “Enclosure Park” and featured the song on her MySpace page.

He then formed a live band called Paddock Park, with whom he recorded his most memorable track, “I’ll Swing My Fists,” for his most memorable EP, False Hope, in 2007.

He later recruited a live band to play his songs live. The reunion was then backed by Eulogy Recordings, which included the music on its full-length performance collection, A Hiding Place for Fake Friends.

The group disbanded in 2009. The band’s most memorable single, “To the Moon”, was made available on iTunes on September 5, 2009, after an unassuming lineup change.

We Are Defiance quickly gained a committed following, and on May 1, 2010, found out that they had signed a deal with Tragic Hero Records.

The band began creating new tunes for their performance collection.

Brian Calzini Age Brian Calzini is 36 years old. The metal entertainer was born on October 25, 1985 in Ocala, Florida, United States.

In interviews, Brian acknowledged that acoustic music, pop and metal are part of his melodic impacts.

Brian shaped ‘We Are Defiance’ in 2007. First off, the reunion kicked off the Change the World tour, touring the country with Monsters, Legend and Dr. Acula.

During that visit, the band was involved in a van mishap, which was waiting for vocalist Calzini to be taken to the emergency clinic.

The icy precipitation was the reason for such a mishap. Due to that catastrophe, the delivery of the collection was postponed from its unique date of March 15 to March 29, 2011.

Brian Calzini Wiki and Biography Brian Calzini is a 36-year-old metal artist in the band Ongoing; We are Challenge. In January 2012, the group featured another song called “Day Late, Doller Short” on iTunes.

With This Romantic Tragedy and The Last of Our Kind, We Are Defiance departed on the New Year to Fear Tour from February 9 to March 1 in the United States.

The following month, the reunion departed on The Walking Revival Tour, which ran from April 16 to May 13 and featured The Great Commission as the main event and Serianna, Convictions, and Your Memorial as the opening demo.

We Are Defiance guitarist Andi Encinas reported his departure from the band on Facebook on May 29.

On June 1, the meeting showed a stylish music video for the tune “I’m Gonna Bury You Underground Eli”.


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