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Brett Michael Gitchel and Leticia Martinez-Cosman Wiki – Brett Michael Gitchel and Leticia Martinez-Cosman Biography

Police confirmed to Law&Crime that investigators in Washington State looking into the disappearance of a woman last seen attending a Major League Baseball game have found an unidentified dead body in a remote area not far from where the missing woman’s 24-year-old son was able to repel an assailant after being abducted from his home.

Since watching a Mariners game at T-Mobile Park on the evening of March 31 with Brett Michael Gitchel, 46, Leticia Martinez-Cosman, 58, has gone missing. In a bizarre twist, authorities claim that Gitchel kidnapped Patrick Cosman, a child with special needs, early on Sunday, April 2, drove him around for hours before halting the car and allegedly tried to choke him to death.

Brett Michael Gitchel and Leticia Martinez-Cosman Age

Brett Michael Gitchel is 46 years old and Leticia Martinez-Cosman is 58 years old.

Brett Michael Gitchel and Leticia Martinez-Cosman Incident Detail

Thankfully, Cosman was able to flee and get assistance before suffering significant injuries. Detective Judinna J. Gulpan of SPD Public Affairs emailed Law&Crime, “Seattle Police Department Homicide Detectives followed leads obtained during the investigation which resulted in the recovery of a deceased subject in the Renton area Tuesday afternoon.”

The King County Medical Examiner’s Office will confirm the deceased’s identity and the manner and cause of death.” According to a report from Seattle ABC station KNWN, the body was discovered less than a mile from the location where Cosman managed to flee his kidnapper/assailant. According to the report, the body was discovered in a ditch by the side of the road in a cul-de-sac in an uninhabited area of Renton.

Gitchel was also charged with one count of second-degree arson and one count of first-degree larceny. The theft is related to the alleged theft of $10,000 in jewellery from a Costco in Seattle, while the arson allegation is related to the alleged use of an accelerant by Gitchel to set Martinez-Cosman’s car on fire less than two miles from the Mariners’ home field.

The Seattle Times reported that on March 19, Martinez-Cosman and a companion first met Gitchel at a Costco in Seattle and decided to go to the baseball game on March 31. Martinez-Cosman allegedly shared a selfie of her and Gitchel from the game to that buddy, who eventually handed it over to law enforcement.

Martinez-Cosman’s brother reportedly started getting “odd and uncharacteristic” text messages from her phone the day following the game. The contents of the communications were not immediately evident, and his attempts to contact Martinez-Cosman ended up in voicemail.

The Times stated that Patrick Cosman, who lives with Martinez-Cosman, was awakened by an unidentified man inside his home knocking on his bedroom door a few hours later, around 2 a.m. on Sunday. According to reports, the man persuaded Cosman to board his SUV by claiming that Martinez-Cosman had been in an accident and that they needed to travel to the hospital right away.

However, the man allegedly stopped the SUV after several hours of driving, entered the backseat, and attempted to strangle Cosman, who was occupying the passenger seat. According to a police affidavit, Cosman later informed police that the unidentified man told the son he was attempting to kill him “for his mother and that this was to spare him from being committed to an institution because of his conditions” while the kid was being attacked.

According to reports, Cosman managed to flee by biting the man’s arm. He then called his father in Texas, who alerted the police. According to the Times, when police came, they discovered Cosman drenched in blood and he told them he hadn’t heard from his mother since Friday. Gitchel was at Cosman’s home when he was kidnapped, according to the prosecution, and was in the same spot when Cosman was strangled while trying to flee, according to mobile location data.

Furthermore, according to the geographical information, Gitchel is situated in the 900 block of Golf Drive South, close to where officials discovered Martinez-Cosman’s Honda CRV “fully engulfed” in flames on April 2 at around 7 a.m.

According to prosecutors, surveillance video from a gas station less than a mile from the location of Martinez-Cosman’s automobile showed Gitchel purchasing a lighter, gasoline, and a gas canister about 30 minutes before the car was set on fire. According to reports, a canister that appeared to match the one Gitchel bought was discovered at the fire’s scene.

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