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A young summer camper described the horrific moment when a gunman opened fire after the shooting at Robb Elementary School.

Police said the shocking incident occurred Monday at Duncanville Fieldhouse, a Dallas-area gym, resulting in the death of only the shooter, 42-year-old Brandon Keith Ned.

Brandon Keith Ned Age

Brandon Keith Ned was 42 years old.

Shooting incident & Police Investigation

Shooting took place Monday at Duncanville Fieldhouse. Autumn, a girl who attended the camp in Duncanville, Texas, told ABC Dallas affiliate WFAA: “She walked into the room and then we heard gunshots.

“Then we got scared and everybody started crying.” He added: “They told us to just keep quiet. There were showers in the men’s bathroom, so we hid there.”Another camper, Jordan, hid on the spot during the life-threatening shooting.

Jordan told the news outlet: “We all went to the back when we heard a few shots of gunfire. “I was praying that nothing would happen, it wouldn’t come to where we are.”

According to officials, around 250 children aged 4 to 15 were at the field house for day camp when the shooting occurred around 8:43 am on Monday.

According to the Associated Press, police immediately responded to the scene where a man was shot dead in his farmhouse. Authorities said no children, staff or police officers were injured in the shootout. Duncanville Mayor Barry Gordon told the WFAA that police opened fire with Ned, who was armed with a pistol, minutes after the shooting.

He told the news source: “Our officers did not hesitate.” They did what they were trained to do and saved lives.” Duncanville Deputy Chief of Police, Matthew Stogner, said the unidentified man fired after speaking to a staff member. Stogner said the attacker tried to enter a classroom with children, but they were unable to open the locked door.

Stogner said that after shooting at the door, the gunman headed for the gym, which also contained the children. The police arrived just two minutes after the man started receiving phone calls as he was making his way to the sports arena, and they exchanged shots. And now the Texas Rangers are investigating the shooting.

According to a Fox member, public records reveal that Ned has a criminal history convicted of drug possession, illegal possession of weapons, and convicted manslaughter for drunkenness.

Meanwhile, a camp counselor in charge of about 40 campers at the field house told an NBC member his group was ready to play when a shot was fired. Naomi Rodgers told NBC DFW that another staff member ran into the room she was in and shut the door, saying, “We have an active shooter right now!” she said she warned.

The 18-year-old camp counselor said: “Because the building is glass, we had to walk them around the room and we needed to find a safe place.” The shooter actually came to our door… and said he’d shoot instantly if we didn’t let him see who he wanted to see.”

She continued: “The glass started to fall and I started praying because it was all I could do.” I know what happened in Uvalde and I thought it couldn’t happen.” Not today. Not today.” The shooting at Duncanville Fieldhouse took place on May 24, 2022, just weeks after a shooting was reported at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

In the end, it claimed the lives of at least 18 students and three adults, including fourth grade teacher Eva Mireles. Duncanville, Texas is approximately 350 miles north of Uvalde.

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