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Bradley Dawson and Christe Chen Wiki -Bradley Dawson and Christe Chen Biography

A Fiji judge has rejected three character witnesses who wrote letters supporting Bradley Dawson’s bail release in a scathing statement. Dawson, who was accused of murdering her wife, 36-year-old pharmacist Christe Chen, in her luxurious bungalow on a private island in Fiji, has denied confessing to the murder. He has pleaded not guilty to killing Chen. Judge Riyaz Hamza noted that one of the witnesses was out on bail. “It is the opinion of this court that it is highly unsatisfactory for the applicant to reside with a person who has been charged with serious crimes before this court, should he be granted bail,” Judge Riyaz Hamza wrote in the order. of dismissal. Dawson’s bail request, according to Fox News.

Bradley Dawson and Christe Chen Age

Bradley Dawson is 38 years old  and Christe Chen is 36 years old.

Bradley Dawson and Christe Chen Incident Detail

Court documents revealed that one of the character witnesses, Johnnie Lee Berger, is a US citizen who is out on bond and faces pending charges of sexual assault. The judge further wrote that under Fiji law, in cases involving incidents of domestic violence, the defendant’s presumption in favor of bail is nil. The court said they have been provided with “strong circumstantial evidence” in the case, and Dawson is also a possible flight risk.

Earlier, Dawson’s defense urged the judge to set bail for his release as he is “not in good health,” Fox News reported. They insisted that Dawson needs to consult doctors about his prescription medications. A filing also claimed that Dawson’s mother was financially dependent on him and would “suffer mentally” if he remained in jail. In the bail application, Dawson’s attorney, Iqbal Khan, said holding Dawson without bail until his trial would be a “substantial miscarriage of justice.” Dawson’s trial could start in 2024. Opposing bail, prosecutors and Chen’s family argued that Dawson was a flight risk.

Last month, Dawson reportedly confessed to police that she killed Chen, only to later claim that she was alive when he left her after a drunken brawl. Chen was reportedly beaten to death by Dawson, 38, during their honeymoon. His body was found so brutally injured that it could not be embalmed. He had to be cremated before his parents could take her to the United States.

The medical examiner ruled Chen’s death a murder. It was discovered that he died of a traumatic brain injury caused by a brain hemorrhage, severe traumatic head injuries, and multiple traumatic injuries to his body. His cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head.

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