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Houston police arrested Bolanle Fadairo, 38, for allegedly killing his friend Michael Essien and his two-year-old son. The defendant got into an argument, which turned ugly and the man fired multiple shots at the victim in front of his young son, Micah. After the murder, Fadairo fled with Essien’s truck from the scene, while the young man was still in the back seat.

Officers later found him and he is believed to have died due to “heat exhaustion”, with the outside temperature reaching 93F. Upon investigation, it was discovered that Fadairo had planned a meeting with Essien and had deleted text messages between the two prior to his arrest. However, the police have not yet established the reason for their meeting.

Bolanle Fadairo Age

Bolanle Fadairo is 38 years old.

Incident Detail

Essien was shot multiple times by Fadairo on El Camino Del Rey street on Tuesday, September 20, a few hours after his wife reported him missing around 6:40 p.m. m. Essien is survived by his wife and two other children. He also became the father of a girl, just a week ago.

His sister Jessie told ABC that his nephew had just learned to say his name and referred to his brother as a “peaceful man.” “All I want is my brother and my 2-year-old who just learned to say ‘Aunt Jessie.’ He called Aunt Jessie to church on Sunday. He ran over and said, ‘Hello, Aunt Jessie.'”

Of Essien’s young family, he further said, “Michael has a 5-year-old son and a 1-week-old baby, 1 week. Miguel has a wife. Lord Jesus, all I need is my brother. Anyone who knows my brother knows that Michael is a peaceful man. Michael never argued with anyone. Michael takes the shirt off his body and gives it to other people to put on. Michael would give every penny he has to other people.”

The killer had met Essien based on his intended location, and after the pair began arguing, Fadairo shot him dead. The victim tried to flee after the shooting but collapsed after a short distance in the parking lot. The shooter immediately left in Essien’s truck with his son Micah in the car.

Houston Police Deputy Chief Executive Larry Satterwhite told reporters, “We never heard from the girl until she called. Unfortunately, it was too late. The child had died in the car. At this time, we do not know why or how or what the cause of death will be. It could be something like heat exhaustion, we just don’t know.”

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