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Rebekka Blue: Who is she? Selling WEIRD personal stuff, a webcam model made a million dollars. A former exotic dancer who actually sold parts of herself online became a fortune. Toenails, dead skin from her feet, dandruff and even a used intrauterine device are among the items sold.

On TikTok, similar videos have received tens of thousands of views. According to Rebekka, 28, of Wilmington, North Carolina, “If you see me throwing something in the trash, then there’s a red flag because I usually keep it in my bag to sell later.”

The self-styled “Professional Goddess” reportedly sells everything from old scarves to panty liners, earning between $5,000 and $10,000 a month. Rebekka explained how she started selling earwax-covered swabs for $5 in one of her weirdest movies, which has received 2.5 million views.

Rebekka initially received $20 for one of her stripper outfits. The consumer was “delighted” with her purchase, but paid no attention to the sale. Rebekka discovered that there was a growing internet market for used products like socks and panties once she started modeling for webcams.

One of the entrepreneur’s early businesses was to burp bags, seal them, and then sell them to customers across the country. He has also sold discarded Kleenex, dirty sneakers and worn sportswear.

Rebekka’s first weekly income was just $50, but in just 10 years, the business has grown to over $1 million. He added that he now makes a controversial living selling his items full-time, saying: “It was a no-brainer to continue to share my story on social media, which has certainly not only boosted my business but also allowed me to launch a entertainment”.

Rebekka says that the fact that her recycled objects, particularly her dirty clothes, carry her perfume sets her products apart from the competition. Each product is vacuum sealed by her to ensure that the aroma is preserved. She just added “toenails and spit bottles” to her collection of unusual products.

What was the strangest sale Rebekka made?

SWNS declared that an intrauterine device (IUD), which she found in her doctor’s trash, is the strangest item she has ever sold. I had a client who bought weird items like my panniers and stuffed animals with the thought “maybe I could use this as a trophy”. She talked. She made me a four-figure offer for something that had been inside me for almost five years and was sacred to him. That sale, she says proudly, “was without a doubt one of the pinnacles of my career.”

Rebecca also founded Blades For Babes, a company dedicated to creating knives for women. To teach women how to market their own creations, she wrote a book called “Slutrepreneur Secrets: The Keys to Starting an Ecommerce Empire.”

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