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A few days after the jury exonerated the defendant in another double homicide, the prosecution is now calling for the death penalty against the guy who is accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend. Billy Bennett Adams III allegedly lured Alana Sims, 22, out of her home in Tampa, Florida, before shooting and killing her because he evidently did not want to be in her life and was not ready to start a family.

According to the filing from the 13th Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Office on Friday, “the capital felony was a homicide and was committed in a cold, planned, and deliberate way without any pretence of moral or legal justification.” Sims’ pregnancy was five months along. Prosecutors stated that her unborn child was “a person younger than 12 years of age who was the victim of the capital offence.”

Billy Bennett Adams III Age

Billy Bennett Adams III is 25 years old.

Incident Detail

This month, Adams entered a not guilty plea to two counts of first-degree murder and killing an unborn child by harming the mother. On January 27, when he was cleared of the murders of Trevon Albury and Daniel Thompson in 2020, he received a new lease on life. Although he acknowledged shooting and murdering the individuals, he insisted that at the time of the incident they were actually carrying out a heist at Joseph Meeks’ recording studio.

According to KTSU, Adams stated, “Mr. Albury points a gun to the back of Mr. Meeks’ head.” Mr. Meeks is seated at the computer with his back to us. He is unaware of what is happening. He insisted that he shot Thompson dead during a scuffle for the rifle. Meeks testified, “I turned around and noticed he had a revolver in his hand and he claimed they were going to rob.”

Sims was allegedly persuaded to what was intended to be a party honouring the decision by Adams just three days after his acquittal. Instead, police claim that he shot her, murdered her, and then left her body behind. According to police, her 18-month-old son was discovered alive in a nearby vehicle that she had borrowed in order to travel to meet Adams in the Easton Park area.

Adams was identified by investigators as her lover. He allegedly told them contradictory tales, initially denying that he was aware of her passing. Adams further indicated that he did not think he was the father of the victim’s unborn child and that he had not spoken to, texted, or seen the victim in a number of months, according to the authorities.

Last but not least, Adams said to the detectives that he spent the entire evening of January 30, 2023, at home and that he didn’t go until the following day. Police allege that he was driving his father’s car that evening based on security footage and data from a gated community. When questioned about the disparity, he allegedly said that he had gone out with pals and provided investigators with a video to prove it.

But, according to authorities, this video had been edited to include the murder’s date. In fact, it dated from February 1. Adams was conversing with a woman by the name of Lakenya Brantley, according to the police, who claimed to have confiscated his phone and secured a search warrant. Here is how police claimed to have deduced the purported reason for Sims’ murder:

Adams initially denied having communication with Sims on January 30 after being detained. As police challenged him about the contradictions in his account, he allegedly finally revealed he had met her. Nonetheless, he allegedly claimed that Sims was slain in self-defense. Police reported that he ultimately changed that story as well: According to documents, Adams is still being held without bond at the Falkenburg Road Prison in Hillsborough County, Florida.

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