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A friend, Brandon Clark, killed Bianca Devins, a teenager from Utica, New York, on July 14, 2019. After a failed suicide attempt, Brandon was charged with second-degree murder. Bianca’s murder received a lot of press coverage and interest on social media. In addition, he took pictures of Bianca’s body and posted them publicly online, drawing pity and ridicule.

Although they didn’t see it that way, Brandon and Bianca were allegedly romantically involved, according to police reports.

Why did Brandon Clark murder Bianca Devins?

On July 13, 2019, Nicole Dollanganger, a Canadian singer, performed in New York City. Bianca Devins, Brandon Clark, and a friend named Alex attended. After the performance, Brandon and Bianca returned to Utica.

The two got into an argument over a kiss that Bianca and Alex shared. In the end, Brandon attacked her and slashed her throat with a long knife that he had hidden under her seat. the morning of July 14.

Brandon built a fire and listened to Joji’s song “Test Drive” as he left his virtually headless body in the car.

After Bianca passed away, he contacted various members of the family. Her relatives called 9-1-1 because her phone call sounded like a suicide note. Brandon posted the photographs of Devins’s body on a Discord server.

Orbiting involves following someone online, asking other users for pictures of them, and in some circumstances, stalking. The murder was also caught on video.

At 7:00 am, members of Discord alerted the police, who spoke to Bianca’s family and received “several” calls, including one from Clark.

Brandon Clark Mental Health and Wikipedia

The chaotic environment in which Brandon Clark, who was born on October 6, 1997, grew up seems to have had an impact on his overall development.

When Clark was a young child, his father beat his mother repeatedly, once holding her hostage for 10 hours at knifepoint because he thought she was unfaithful to him.

When Brandon was 12 years old, this incident happened and was reported, and as a result, his father was sentenced to prison.

Shortly after, his mother was arrested and jailed on unrelated charges, placing him in foster care. Then Clark began to act obsessively.

When police arrived to investigate Devins’ death, he stabbed himself. He put more photos online after hiding his body under a green tarp. May you never forget me, read the suicide note that was found.

Brandon Clark’s sentence: Is he in jail?

Brandon Clark pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder on July 29, 2019. Brandon was charged with promoting bootlegging into the prison after corrections officers found a knife made from a sharp toothbrush in his cell.

The day before his trial, on February 10, 2020, Clark modified his guilty plea. His sentence was postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak from its original date of April 7 to today.

On June 2, Clark retracted his guilty plea, stating that his attorney had failed him. He admitted guilt, so this was refuted.

Brandon had his hearing on September 30 and received a written decision on October 30. He was sentenced from 25 years to life on March 16, 2021 and formally repented of his actions.

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