Bianca Devin and Brandon Clark Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth, Fast Facts

The gruesome murder of a teenage girl named Bianca Devins by a man named Brandon Andrew Clark is the subject of the upcoming CBS show 48 Hours. Brandon was so vicious that he showed the young woman’s corpse on social media after killing her.

After a man named Brandon posted some pictures of his girlfriend online, social media companies came under fire.

The killer, Clark, grew up in a violent home where he once witnessed his father hold his mother at knifepoint for several hours.

Instagram and Facebook tried to stop the distribution of the images by deactivating Clark’s account. Clark’s Discord server was disabled and Facebook banned the hashtag #yesjuliet and added images of the murders to a fingerprint database.

CBS 48 will cover Bianca Devins Muder in the next episode

The brutal murder, his trial, subsequent arrest and other topics will be the focus of the upcoming CBS 48 show. After killing Devins, Clark posted photos of his lifeless body on social media.

The case garnered media attention, social media interest, and global recognition. Devins’ murder received a lot of media coverage and attention on social media. Initial reports were riddled with errors.

Clark photographed Devins’s corpse and posted it online, drawing boos and support.

Friends initially thought the image was a hoax when it first appeared online because it was common to post disturbing images on the website to get a response from others.

The night Bianca died, Clark, who was dating her, had a change of heart and called 911. Someone sent the horrific image before the police arrived.

Where is Bianca Devin’s killer, Brandon Andrew Clark?

Brandon Andrew Clark is believed to be currently incarcerated at the Attica Correctional Facility in New York, serving a life sentence.

After killing Devins, Clark called 911 and reported that he had committed a murder-suicide. He also gave his address over the phone. He was still alive when the police arrived.

He allegedly slashed his throat, but survived. When authorities found Devins’ body there, Clark was charged with second-degree murder.

He initially pleaded not guilty in July 2019 and reportedly changed it to a guilty plea a few months later. The COVID-19 pandemic forced his sentence to be postponed.

More than a year after pleading guilty, Clark received a prison sentence of 25 years to life, with parole not possible for another 25 years.

Who is the mother of Bianca Devins? Where is she today she?

Bianca Devins’ mother is Kim Devins. Since the death of her daughter, she still has to move on.

When her mother first found out she was pregnant, she was only 17 years old. Initially scared, she later joyfully gave birth to Bianca.

When Kimberly, a 17-year-old Catholic high school student from Utica, upstate New York, found out she was pregnant, she was horrified.

Just days before her 18th birthday, on October 2, 2011, she joyfully welcomed Bianca into the world. She since then she knew that she wanted to have children.

What happened to internet star Bianca Devins?

Internet celebrity Bianca was murdered by Brandon, whom she allegedly dated. Although the two viewed their connection differently, police investigations indicated that Devins and Clark had an intimate relationship.

While Devins claimed in a chat log that he couldn’t remember Clark’s name and had to “look it up” in his Discord discussion history before their meeting, others believed that Clark was a predator. Devins’ sister considered Clark a close family friend.

Clark reportedly killed Devins when he caught her kissing another man. The case of a murder documented on social media was the most discussed when she hit the mainstream on July 15.

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