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Bernardino Villalobos Wiki – Bernardino Villalobos Biography

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office captured Bernardino Villalobos on Thursday. Officials began receiving reports that he physically abused a minor allegedly under the age of 14.

Villalobos is the 64-year-old pastor of La Obra de Jesus Christian Church, located at 5433 S. Foundation Ave. in Del Rey, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office report revealed.

Meanwhile, web sources and news articles about the capture of Villalobos immediately multiplied on the web. Read on to get acquainted with the capture of the alleged sexual miscreant.

Why are Bernardino Villalobos arrested? Who is he? The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office arrested Bernardino Villalobos on Thursday, July 28 for allegedly committing sexual misconduct with a child. He is a 64 year old church servant.

The police officers allegedly detained Villalobos on charges of committing lewd and indecent acts with a child under 14 years of age. The implied bond for the 64-year-old Church servant is apparently $40,000.

Villalobos owns the Iglesia Cristiana La Obra De Jesús in Del Rey and functions as a clergyman there. Criminal investigators with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office obtained data that he allegedly abused a child in 2017.

Meanwhile, analysts are concerned that more victims have not disclosed such episodes, including Bernardino. The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office passed on contact information to assist them in the examination.

The policeman has also provided a connection to a site that will work with them on possible data; however, you will remain mysterious. Substantially, some of you may also qualify for monetary compensation.

More information about the case remains hidden at this time. Data can change quickly as additional facts are exposed, as the latest updates to this blog may not reflect the most recent data.

Bernardino Villalobos Child Abuse Allegations According to recent reports in web sources, Bernardino Villalobos is an alleged child victimizer. The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office took the Del Rey Church service under his influence on Thursday.

The above capture is not when police first captured Villalobos and took him to jail, but the 64-year-old confined pastor was recently in prison for alleged assault and homosexuality convictions.

The Villalobos catch is making big rounds on the web little by little. The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office wrote: “Assuming you have data to assist with this screening, if it’s not too much trouble, please contact Detective Andrew Moreno at (559) 600-8222 or (559) 600-8144.”

“You can also contact Crime Stoppers at (559) 498-7867,,” the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office wrote on its site and social feeds. ‘You will remain a mystery and may qualify for monetary compensation.’

Meet the Wife of Bernardino Villalobos Speaking about the better half of Bernardino Villalobos, the subtleties encompassing the Del Rey priest couple found the Church is trying to understand. Specifically, the data on his marital status is ambiguous as of now.

Consequently, their family subtleties also take a backseat. In the meantime, analysts anticipate that anyone will need to help further explore the case immediately.

Meanwhile, only restricted information is welcome in the public area. Also, this is a functional exam, and specialists will provide more updates and data eventually.

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