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Aubrie Goncalves and Kaylee Goncalves Wiki – Aubrie Goncalves and Kaylee Goncalves Biography

The grieving sister of Idaho student Kaylee Goncalves, who was killed along with three other people on Sunday, November 13, urged people not to make false assumptions against the victims. Aubrie Goncalves, whose life as sister Kaylee was cut short, took to Instagram to write: “For people spreading completely false and unreasonable rumors, they need to stop.

Have some respect and stop commenting on a situation you know nothing about. My sisters and their friends didn’t overdose. This has nothing to do with drugs. In addition to Kaylee, Ethan Chapin and Xana Kernodle, both 20, and Madison Mogen, 21, were also killed. The killer has yet to be identified, but two other women, Dylan Mortensen and Bethany Funke, have been said to have been inside the house where the quadruple murder took place, but were unharmed.

Aubrie Goncalves and Kaylee Goncalves Age

Aubrie Goncalves and Kaylee Goncalves’s age is Unkown.

Aubrie Goncalves and Kaylee Goncalves Investigation

Aubrie’s Wednesday, November 16 social media post also noted: “I’ve been dreading making this post, but the more attention it gets, the better the chances of finding my sister’s killer, Kaylee and Maddie, and their sweet friends. , Xana and Ethan. My sisters Kaylee and Maddie, and their friends Xana and Ethan were killed. They did nothing wrong and took all the precautions they should have taken, and they still got killed.”

Issuing a warning to other students, she said: “To the University of Idaho students still staying on campus, please leave. Their grades are severely less important than their lives. I wish all U of I students safety and peace. You are not safe until you find this sick man. If the person who did this is capable of killing four innocent people, he is capable of killing more.

The last thing I want is for another family to experience what I and my family are now experiencing. My family and I will constantly strive to do everything in our power to see that Kaylee, Maddie, Xana and Ethan receive the justice they deserve. Additionally, Aubrie has asked people to come forward if they have any information about the gruesome crime. She added: “

I personally ask if you know ANYTHING, no matter how small you think it is to call and report your information to the number (208-883-7180). Thank you.” Kaylee’s other sister also posted a heartbreaking post remembering her. Autumn Goncalves wrote on her Instagram page: “Maddie may and kaylee, I hope you two know that we will never stop fighting for you, just like you wouldn’t have for any of us. I love you both more than any words could describe. I promise both of you, xana and ethan justice ?”.

Autumn said: “Whoever did this to my sisters (maddie and kaylee) xana and ethan is still out there and if he is sick enough to murder FOUR sweet innocent humans so brutally. he’s sick enough to do it to anyone else. our family was afraid of the ‘how’ answer and we all knew that no matter the answer, we wouldn’t like it,” before adding, “but we got the worst answer possible. the scariest way. one person against four. This person is dangerous and is not in custody!!! how the police say ‘no threats’ MAKES NO SENSE”.

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