AT&T Network Outage: What Happened to AT&T Today? What Caused Att Outage

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AT&T, a prominent player in the telecommunication industry, faced a significant network outage that disrupted services for many customers across the United States. In this article, we delve into the details of what happened, its causes, and the aftermath of the outage.

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AT&T Network Outage

AT&T’s network went down on a Thursday morning, affecting customers’ ability to place calls, send texts, and access the internet. The disruption lasted for approximately 11 hours, with service restoration completed by 3 pm ET.

According to sources, the company expressed regret for the inconvenience and assured customers that steps were being taken to prevent such incidents in the future.

What Happened to AT&T Today?

AT&T’s network outage impacted tens of thousands of customers, disrupting their cellphone services and causing inconvenience nationwide. Reports began surfacing early in the morning, with more than 74,000 customers reporting outages on the digital service tracking site DownDetector.

The outage affected various regions, with Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Chicago, New York, Miami, Dallas, Atlanta, and Indianapolis experiencing the highest concentrations of reported issues.

What Caused AT&T Outage?

AT&T initially acknowledged the widespread outage but did not provide a specific reason for the system failure. Later in the day, the company indicated that an “initial review” suggested the outage might have been caused by an internal error rather than a cyberattack.

AT&T attributed the issue to the “application and execution of an incorrect process” as they were expanding their network. This assessment, however, is still under review, with the company emphasizing its commitment to delivering reliable service to customers.

How Long Will AT&T Be Down?

The outage lasted approximately 11 hours, with service fully restored by late afternoon. AT&T reassured affected customers, stating, “We have restored wireless service to all our affected customers. We sincerely apologize to them,” and affirmed their commitment to taking preventive measures for future disruptions.

When Will AT&T Service Be Restored?

AT&T confirmed the full restoration of its network by mid-afternoon on the same day. However, the company is continuing its assessment of the outage to ensure ongoing service reliability.

Investigations and Regulatory Response

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) swiftly initiated an investigation into the outage, confirming their active engagement in understanding the cause and impact of the disruptions.

The White House also reported ongoing communication with AT&T and federal agencies regarding the network outages. While Verizon and T-Mobile experienced some network outages, they were less widespread, with both companies confirming the unaffected status of their networks.

AT&T’s Explanation and Apology

AT&T attributed the outage to a software bug, ruling out any malicious intent or external cyberattack. The company apologized to affected customers, acknowledging the inconvenience caused and emphasizing its commitment to keeping customers connected.

Impact on Emergency Services and Local Governments

The outage had implications for emergency services, with reports indicating disruptions to 911 centers. Several local governments issued statements regarding the impact on their services, urging residents to use alternative means to reach emergency services during the outage.


The AT&T network outage on Thursday revealed the vulnerability of even the largest telecommunication networks to unexpected disruptions. While the exact cause was initially uncertain, AT&T’s acknowledgment of an internal error and subsequent actions to restore services demonstrates the importance of prompt response and transparency.

The ongoing investigations by regulatory authorities will shed more light on the incident, focusing on preventing future disruptions and ensuring the reliability of critical communication networks.

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