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A popular OnlyFans star has been warned that she “risks execution” by Qatari officials for her bold World Cup outfits, with some urging her to “respect” their culture. According to LADBible, British social media star Astrid Wett was told to “cover up” after posting revealing photos of herself attending the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The adult star has reportedly attended a number of key matches at the highly anticipated tournament. However, her skimpy appearance and clothing in the last 16 games between Argentina and Australia sparked outrage online, with some pointing out that the Muslim country holds strongly conservative views.

Astrid Wett Age

Astrid Wett is 22 years old.

Incident Detail

Wett was present at the stadium on Sunday 4 December when England swept Senegal 3-0 to cement a place in the quarter-finals. She later posted a snapshot of herself in a short black jean skirt, a tiny white bikini top, and an open white shirt. The post caused a stir on social media, with some warning the OnlyFans favorite about following Qatar’s public modesty rules and being respectful of culture.

“Cover up, respect another country’s rules and culture,” one tweeted. “Astrid here is Qatar, not England,” offered another. “No respect for culture,” another added. Another warned of a possible “execution” by posting a gif of a jumbotron displaying, ‘

When asked by the Daily Star which England player she would like to kiss, she chose Chelsea and England star Mason Mount. “I don’t think there’s an England player I wouldn’t kiss. They’re all amazing,” he told the outlet, adding, “But if I had to pick one, it would have to be Mason Mount.

He’s one of my favorite Chelsea players so I wouldn’t mind kissing if I got the chance.” Wett supported Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions before, posting photos of her in an England shirt. “Wales ain’t ready for us.” . today,” he captioned the photos, shortly before England beat Wales 3-0 to win their World Cup group.

Laughing at the incident, she said: “Astrid Wett tried to kiss me and I said ‘no!’ A woman likes me!’” she remarked. Wett told the Daily Star that she could understand why KSI rejected her advances and that she later apologized for it. “That was straight pie in the face, but I can see why he dodged it, with his massive social media influence, you have to be careful what you do and say online, so maybe he didn’t think of making out with a model. from OnlyFans”.

on TV is the best idea,” she said, adding: “It was a fun time and I spoke to him afterwards to apologize if I had made him uncomfortable, but he told me that everything is fine. He’s a lovely guy and I hope he saw it as a good way to promote his event as it went a bit viral.”

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