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After a garage sale, Adara Bunn, 17, returned to Arthur Jensen’s house because he had told her he had Pocahontas glasses she could purchase. An Illinois man who lured a 17-year-old girl to her house by saying she had Disney mugs she could buy him and then killed her has been given a 50-year jail sentence.

According to the Office of the Iroquois County State’s Attorney, Arthur Jensen, 53, of Sheldon, was sentenced to 50 years in prison on Monday by Iroquois County Circuit Court Judge Michael Sabol for killing Adara Bunn on August 5, 2019.

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Arthur Jensen is 88 years old.

Arthur Jensen Incident Detail

According to Assistant State’s Attorney Michael Quinlan, the jury convicted him guilty of two counts of first-degree murder in March for strangling the youngster as she arrived at her home. Quinlan continues, “This is one of the worst murder cases I’ve ever seen.”

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According to Quinlan, Bunn and her mother attended Jensen’s yard sale on August 2. He says, “She bought some Pocahontas mugs as a Disney memorabilia collector.” The victim returned to Jensen’s house that Sunday in an effort to speak with Jensen’s wife and inquire about further mementos, according to Quinlan.

Quinlan claims that at the time, Jensen’s wife was out of town attending her high school reunion. Jensen advised Bunn to return later to get Pocahontas cups as he and a friend were loading up the remaining items from the garage sale. On Monday, August 5, Bunn went back to Jensen’s house to buy the mugs and killed her there.

According to authorities, the incident was discovered when neighbours heard screams coming from Jensen’s house, according to WCIA. Prosecutors claim that when the police arrived, Jensen informed them, “There’s a girl inside her and I strangled her,” according to WCIA.

When police discovered Bunn’s deceased body inside the residence, they immediately detained Jensen. She described the youngster as “a girl about to enter her third year in a few weeks.”In a few weeks, this girl would start her third year,” she explains. She was an excellent student who wanted to work in veterinary medicine.

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