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A high school gym teacher has been arrested for having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student. Arin Hankerd, a football coach and gym teacher at Atlantic High School in Port Orange, Florida, was arrested on Sunday after police received a complaint about an alleged inappropriate relationship that started in January.

The 42-year-old was arrested after the teenage girl’s mother found her diary that detailed their inappropriate relationship, and where she claimed they ‘loved’ each other. [The mother] advised [she] had multiple conversations with her about Arin Hankerd prior to finding her journal, and became suspicious as to why she talked to him so much,’ according to the police report.

Arin Hankerd Age

Arin Hankerd is 42 years old.

Incident Detail

Instagram messages between Hankerd and the teenager also revealed the start of their relationship that quickly progressed. Hankerd was arrested on several charges and is being held on a bond of $115,000. Hankerd met the student in his physical education class in August but their relationship didn’t turn intimate until December when he randomly started to buy her lunch.

When interviewed by police, the student claimed she thought Hankerd was only being nice until she decided to one day tell him ‘Thank you, I love you.’ To which he responded that he ‘loved her too.’ Instagram messages obtained by the student’s mother also revealed her daughter’s relationship with Hankerd turned sexual in early January, and she would go to school early to see him.

Hankerd appeared to take his relationship with the teenager seriously and talked to her about being a step mother to his children and living with him, according to the report. Other students would joke Hankerd and the teenager were dating, but she would brush it off. The rumor eventually led the student being questioned by school officials.

At the time, the student denied the rumors. Hankerd had been employed at the school for two years. He previously coached football at Mainland High School and Father Lopez Catholic High School. The arrest affidavit further revealed Hankerd told the 15-year-old he transferred to different schools due to allegations he was dating other students.

Since his arrest, parents of former students have alleged officials ignored their complaints against the teacher. ‘We complained about him repeatedly to the school (Atlantic High) along with so many other parents,’ one person wrote on Facebook. ‘They launched an investigation and sent someone down from Tallahassee to ask my daughter questions, she expressed how uncomfortable he made her feel and how he made advances towards her and they did NOTHING!’

Some people alleged Hankerd’s former employers have been ‘sweeping his dirt under the rug for over a decade’ while claiming police and school officials need to be held accountable for ignoring complaints. ‘I went to Atlantic from 2016-2020,’ a former student wrote on Facebook.

‘There were multiples incidents that happened over the years and the school cared more about covering things up more than anything else. I truly disliked much of the admin for this reason.’ A parent added: ‘He’s one of the main reasons that my child was pulled from Atlantic high school! We reported him and his inappropriate behaviors towards my daughter to the office about a year ago.

Happy to see he’s finally being held accountable.’ One former student from Mainland High School chimed in shocked it took authorities so long to bust Hankerd ‘Anyone who went to Mainland is NOT surprised by this at all..surprised it took him this long to get caught,’ the former student wrote.

To which another alleged: ‘I graduated high school in 2010 and this guy was a problem back then.’ Others questioned how Hankerd moved around to different schools freely despite complaints against him. So when a teacher applies for a position at another school. Does the new principal hiring not call the old job and say…

how was this person as an employee’…and why wouldn’t the old work place say they had many complaints?’ one person questioned. ‘It’s disgusting to read how many young people are saying they reported this and nothing was done for years,’ another person added.

Volusia County Schools addressed Hankerd’s arrest on Sunday and announced he was suspended indefinitely. ‘This evening, Volusia County Schools learned about a teacher from Atlantic High School being arrested for alleged inappropriate behavior with a student,’ the district wrote in a statement. ‘

This teacher has been suspended indefinitely pending the outcome of an investigation. The safety and security of our students and staff is of utmost importance to us and as such, we will be cooperating fully with the local authorities as part of this investigation.’

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