Are Sam and Citra Pregnant 2024? Sam Wilson and Chitra Wilson Pregnancy Rumors

Are Sam And Citra Pregnant

The world of reality TV is no stranger to rumors, and ’90 Day Fiance’ stars Sam and Citra Wilson are currently at the center of swirling speculations regarding a possible pregnancy. Fans have been buzzing with curiosity, eagerly searching for answers to the burning question, “Are Sam and Citra Pregnant 2024?” Let’s dive into the details and separate fact from fiction.

Are Sam And Citra Pregnant
Are Sam And Citra Pregnant

Are Sam and Citra Pregnant 2024?

Citra’s family celebrated her engagement during the January 28, 2024, episode, sparking a wave of speculation among fans. A photo from the episode shared on Facebook fueled the rumors, with fans convinced that Citra looked like she was expecting.

However, Citra wasted no time addressing the speculations, taking to her Instagram Stories to set the record straight. She emphasized that the photo was taken in June 2021 and explained, “In that picture, we just finished celebrating our engagement with my family.

We had lunch, and my stomach bloated after I ate.” Citra dismissed the pregnancy rumors by asserting, “If I was pregnant at that time until now, what kind of baby I’m having, pregnant for 3.5 years, alien baby?”

In response to the ongoing rumors, she expressed her amusement, stating, “Sometimes I enjoy when they argue trying to figure out about your life like they know very well about your life.”

The Wilsons: Married and Together

Dispelling any doubts about their relationship status, Sam and Citra are seemingly still together and happily married. Sam’s Instagram bio previously read, “Leave a message for Mr. and Mrs. Wilson,” indicating that the couple has indeed tied the knot. Citra’s social media biography also proudly displays her husband’s handle, further confirming their marital bliss.

Life in Missouri: A Rocky Start

Citra’s move to Missouri during the 10th season of ’90 Day Fiance’ brought its own set of challenges for the couple. Sam had a secret he needed to reveal to Citra—his encounter with the law due to drug-related issues.

In a private confessional, Sam admitted to being caught with drugs, specifically suboxone, an opiate that helps with withdrawal symptoms. He faced legal repercussions as the drug wasn’t in a prescription bottle, leading to his arrest on March 27, 2023. The charges included felony possession of cocaine, felony possession of buprenorphine, and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

Despite these hurdles, Sam aimed to rectify the situation by applying for a diversion program. The court docket entries reveal a rollercoaster journey, with Sam’s felony cocaine possession charge being dismissed on June 14, 2023. However, the court was still “awaiting signatures” for the diversion granted on October 10, 2023.

Sam Wilson And Chitra Wilson Pregnancy Rumors
Sam Wilson And Chitra Wilson Pregnancy Rumors

Sam Wilson and Chitra Wilson Pregnancy Rumors

Amidst these challenges, Citra remains in the United States with Sam. Her social media posts, including shared adventures and photos, indicate that the couple is still going strong. Addressing the critics, Citra captioned an upload on January 17, 2024, “People said it’s weird to live with three men and hating on the midwest?? You see I’m able to have fun and prank/joke with them. I love living with his family.”

As the couple navigates through the highs and lows of their journey, it’s essential to separate the truth from mere speculation. While pregnancy rumors may have ignited curiosity, Citra’s clear explanations and the couple’s ongoing adventures suggest that the Wilsons are focused on building their life together.

The ’90 Day Fiance’ stars Sam and Citra Wilson may face challenges, but the pregnancy rumors appear to be unfounded as the couple continues to share their lives and experiences with fans.

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