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In a recent video published by The New York Post, former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown was seen showing off and ‘stalking’ a woman in a swimming pool. The video is said to be from a posh hotel in Dubai. In the video, Antonio appears to be naked with only gold chains around his neck. At first, he is shown jumping on the surface of the water while pushing his butt into the face of a woman who is standing next to him.

Later, when the woman tries to get away from him, he picks her up and throws her into the pool. Spectators appear to be cheering the football player’s actions. In the video, as the woman walks away from him, she can be seen flashing her penis in her direction. Antonio, however, denied the intention of harassment and said that it was the woman who stole the trunks.

Antonio Brown Age

Antonio Brown  is 34 years old.

Incident Detail

The video begins with Antonio Brown jumping on the surface of the water while trying to stick his butt in the woman’s face. As he does so, the woman appears to be visibly uncomfortable. Laughter and cheers can be heard from bystanders as they shout “yes, one more” to Antonio.

The video then cuts to another shot of him trying to wrap a scarf around the woman’s head. She snatches it from him and then tries to walk away from him. People around her joke that he “makes her water”. He then grabs her by the waist and throws her into the water as someone says “she’s giving him the longboard.”

The woman then manages to get away from him but Antonio does not seem to stop. He pushes his waist to the surface of the pool and shows his penis to the woman while the people in the back say, “Oh my God.” The video is said to be from May 14 from the Armani Hotel, Dubai.

Hotel management, however, has not released a statement and refused to reveal the woman’s identity, according to The New York Post. An anonymous hotel employee said that Antonio was asked to leave the hotel shortly after this incident.

The athlete has responded to the controversy alleging that it is “misinformation”. “It’s crazy to me that even after I retire, there’s misinformation about me. Ironically, at a time when the NFL is coming under fire for allowing players to play when they’re clearly shaken up, they’ve been using black men like guineas”. pigs,” he tweeted.

“Every time they get a chance to take off the heat, they use me. In the video, you can clearly see her running off in my bathing suit. If the roles were reversed, the headlines would say ‘AB has a wild night with a naked woman. “When it’s me, it automatically becomes a hate crime,” he added in another tweet.

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