Anthony Albanese Marriage: Has Anthony Albanese Been Married? Who is His Ex-Wife?

Anthony Albanese

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has recently made headlines not only for his political endeavors but also for his personal life. In a surprising turn of events, the Prime Minister has announced his engagement to Jodie Haydon, his partner of four years. This revelation brings forth questions about his previous marriage and the circumstances leading to his current engagement.

Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese

Anthony Albanese Marriage

Anthony Albanese/Spouse Carmel Tebbutt m. 2000–2019

Anthony Albanese was previously married to Carmel Mary Tebbutt, an Australian former politician with a prominent political career. The couple tied the knot in the year 2000 and remained married for almost two decades until their separation in 2019. The duo was a political powerhouse, often referred to as the “King and Queen” of Australian politics.

Carmel Tebbutt served as the Labor Party Member for the former seat of Marrickville in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly until the 2015 election. Additionally, she held the position of Deputy Premier of New South Wales from 2008 to 2011 and served as the Minister for Health in the Keneally Government.

Has Anthony Albanese Been Married?

Fast forward to the present, and Anthony Albanese is embarking on a new chapter in his personal life. The Prime Minister proposed to Jodie Haydon, his partner of four years, at the Lodge – the official Canberra residence – on Valentine’s Day. What makes this engagement even more special is that Albanese designed the engagement ring himself.

Anthony Albanese Ex-Wife

In a candid revelation, Anthony Albanese has opened up about the unexpected divorce from his ex-wife, Carmel Tebbutt. The Prime Minister, known for his straightforward approach, discussed the shock and challenges surrounding the dissolution of their marriage.

“Anthony Albanese opens up about shock divorce with ex-wife Carmel Tebbutt. Anthony Albanese has opened up about his shock divorce, insisting his.”

Despite their long-standing union and shared political journey, the couple faced hurdles that led to the eventual end of their marriage [^source2^]. The Prime Minister, in various interviews, has expressed the complexities of balancing personal and professional life in the realm of politics.

“Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has announced his engagement to his partner of four years, Jodie Haydon. He proposed at the Lodge – the prime minister’s official Canberra residence – on Valentine’s Day, with a ring he specially designed.”

This announcement not only sheds light on the personal life of the Australian Prime Minister but also showcases a more private and romantic side of a leader often associated with political responsibilities.


In conclusion, the personal life of Anthony Albanese has experienced both triumphs and challenges. His past marriage to Carmel Tebbutt, a fellow politician, played a significant role in his life and political journey.

The Prime Minister’s openness about the difficulties surrounding his divorce adds a human touch to his public persona. Now, with the announcement of his engagement to Jodie Haydon, Albanese is stepping into a new phase, and Australians are eagerly watching as their Prime Minister navigates the complexities of both love and leadership.

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