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Video of Anne Heche’s car accident and brain injury as the actress is taken off life support Anne Heche is not expected to survive an accident that occurred earlier this week. After colliding with a house in Los Angeles, her car caught fire.

According to TMZ, between his two car accidents, the movie star was allegedly driving recklessly. He was running down a quiet street when he collided with a house. In the end, she suffered serious injuries to his body and a house was badly damaged.

The internet has been flooded with disturbing videos of the incident. One of them shows Heche being taken to the hospital for an emergency.

Accident: A car accident involving Anne Heche was captured on surveillance

After her horrific vehicle incident, Anne Heche’s movies began to go viral online.

Heche’s car is seen driving down a residential street in a TMZ video. He then crashes into a house, setting his car on fire. In the video, she can be seen operating a blue Mini Cooper that originally crashed into an apartment complex garage.

Between gunshots, Heche backs her car up after its initial collision, landing it on a nearby house and setting it on fire.

Heche was not worried about the safety of others, according to newly released security video of her. She drives her car through streets and alleys, nearly hitting a woman once. Heche did not use the brakes to avoid a possible collision.

Anne swerved to avoid the woman, hit a Jaguar and then sped away. Fortunately, no bystanders were injured in the collision.

However, Heche was hospitalized for her own severe body burns. After the scene, the actress is seen being taken away in an ambulance on a stretcher and the actress’s car being lifted by a tow truck.

According to law enforcement officials, detectives believe the actress used narcotics while driving. A photo reveals that Anne had a bottle of wine in her car when the tragedy occurred.

Anne Heche experiences severe brain damage

Anne Heche’s relatives say she is not expected to live. She is still being ventilated while she is in a coma.

He has “severe anoxic brain injury,” which occurs when the brain does not receive enough oxygen and is not yet conscious. The actress also has terrible burns and injuries all over her body.

On Thursday, August 11, 2022, a statement from his family was released. We appreciate everyone’s kind thoughts and prayers for Anne’s speedy recovery, and we also want to thank the team at Grossman Burn Center and the amazing medical professionals who cared for Anne there.

Unfortunately, as a result of her accident, Anne Heche suffered a catastrophic anoxic brain injury and remained in critical condition. It is unlikely that she will live.

Anne had a big heart and was friendly to everyone she met, the statement continues. More than her exceptional talent, she considered her purpose in life to be to inspire kindness and joy, especially by promoting acceptance of the one she loves.

She will be mourned a lot for her light and will always be adored for her honesty.

Will Anne Heche be taken off life support?

The Daily Mail reports that Anne Heche’s life support will be turned off.

The actress continues to wear a ventilator so doctors can determine which of her organs are healthy enough to be donated. In case of such a catastrophe, she wished to give the organs to her.

Heche debuted in 1997 and has since appeared in various well-known movies and TV shows. In the movie Donnie Brasco, he gave the great performance of him.

The actress shot to stardom playing Vicky Hudson and Marley Love on the soap opera Another World. She received many honors, including Daytime Emmy and Opera Digest Awards for the show.

The actress gained notoriety in the 1990s for her widely publicized romance with Ellen DeGeneres.

In 2008, she married actor James Tupper, with whom she had a son named Atlas. Homer Laffoon, her first child, was born while she was married to cameraman Coleman “Coley” Laffoon.

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