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A shocking new video documenting the destruction caused by Anne Heche’s fiery car accident on August 5 has revealed the state of the damaged Los Angeles home after the late actor crashed his mini cooper into the residence.

Footage obtained by TMZ captures firefighters picking up debris at the Mar Vista home that caught fire after the actress’s accident started a huge fire. It took 60 firefighters more than an hour to fight the fire at the LA House, where Lynne Mishele used to live with her pets.

Anne Heche Age

Anne Heche was 53 years old.

Cause of Death

In the video, a woman who appears to be Mishele can be seen searching for some salvageable belongings. At one point in the video, a firefighter was seen measuring where Heche’s mini cooper landed after making a crash tackle. “That’s where the car was,” says the firefighter.

Later in the video, an LAPD officer stands at what used to be a doorway with the sky visible through the ceiling between charred wooden beam. After the car accident, the 53-year-old actress was seen writhing in pain on a stretcher. Heche died on Sunday, August 14, in Los Angeles after being taken off life support. Medical experts declared Anne brain dead two days earlier.

Lynne Mishele, a professional organizer, was in another room with her pets when the late actor crashed his car into Mishele’s residence. She became homeless after her house was declared structurally unsafe. A GoFundMe set up by the property owners in Mishele’s name has raised more than $178,000.

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