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A Manhattan pharmaceutical heiress said her mother Melinda had to pay $300 a day for a deprogrammer to help her unlearn the awakening ideologies she had been “brainwashed” with at a Massachusetts women’s college. Annabella Rockwell, 29, a 2015 graduate of Mount Holyoke in western Massachusetts, claimed that this was the cause of her drinking and her brief estrangement from her mother, who once threw her a vase.

Rockwell claimed that she was raised in a “traditional” home and considered herself open-minded until she enrolled in the exclusive school that charges $60,000 a year for history studies. Rockwell eventually assumed that all white men were sexists. She said: “I saw everything through the lens of oppression, prejudice and victimhood. I came to school as someone who saw everyone equally.

Annabella Rockwell Age

Annabella Rockwell is 29 years old.

Incident Detail

I came out looking for injustice where I could and automatically assuming that all white men were sexist “. A significant rift between her and her mother resulted from that rabbit hole she fell down after enrolling in a Gender Studies class her junior year.

Her “manifesto,” in which she claimed her mother treated her like a “wind-up toy,” was one of the many things she felt compelled to teach her about the reality of the world, the Daily Mail reported. She also stated in her manifesto post-graduation that her mother Melina, whom she once considered her best friend, had never loved her.

“My thoughts were no longer my own,” she told the Post. “I left school very anxious, very nervous, very depressed and sad.” Her teachers, according to her, “encouraged the alienation” of the parents and “even offered their houses to stay.” The former professional figure skater told the publication: ”

They’d say, like, don’t go see them, come stay with us for the holidays. Most of my classmates believed all these things too. If you didn’t, you would.” “. They were ostracized.” Along with the alleged indoctrination, Rockwell claimed that freshman ceremonies were harsh and that there was a significant drinking culture on campus.

According to the student newspaper Mount Holyoke News, some freshmen even earned the MoHo Chop, which for some is just an initiation process and for others a “radical affirmation of their LGBT identities.” He informed the Post that Rockwell, who grew up on the Upper East Side, did not participate in this rite.

It was “the whole culture there revolved around hating men and being a lesbian,” according to conservative commentator Laura Loomer, also 29. In 2011, Loomer spent a semester there before quitting due to alleged bullying. Another student who chose to remain anonymous posted in Holyoke Confessional during her brief time at school that “I hate Laura Loomer.”

The “sister schools,” which include Barnard, Bryn Mawr, Smith, Radcliffe, Vassar, and Wellesley, are also “designed to be these elite institutions for women at a time when places like Harvard only accepted men. But they’re not anymore places for ideas and debate and a well-rounded education”, quoted by Daily Mail.

Speaking to the New York Post, Loomer said: “They are indoctrination centers. If you send your child there, you enroll them to hate patriarchy, white people, and the founders of our country. It’s a bastardization of higher education for the sake of of weaponizing naive young women for the sake of furthering a toxic agenda.”

Melinda hired a $300-a-day deprogrammer and Scott Williams, Rockwell’s former tennis coach, to help her buck the indoctrination that, in her words, dulled her “bubbly breath of fresh air.” daughter. Rockwell’s stay at the school, according to her, “was no different than if she had been taken by the Moonies or the Children of God.”

Melinda told the Post that her daughter was “no longer the Annabella that she had known her entire life.” The older Rockwell understood that it would be difficult to undo the brainwashing of the young graduate and that he would take up to seven years. Melinda told the Post: “‘It was like walking a tightrope,’ Melina told the Post.

‘I couldn’t push too hard or I’d lose her, but if I let go, I felt like I might never see her again. It was as bad as trying to get a kid off the street who’s on heroin. [Teachers and older students] tell the students they’re special, it’s like they’re anointed, then they tell them how oppressed they are and what victims they are and how we have to get out to the world and be activists to stop the oppression.

The former student, who now works as a fundraiser for PragerU, a conservative video organization that advocates for conservative ideas, thanks her mother for being patient. “If my mom hadn’t kept nagging me and given up, I know where she would be right now,” she told the Post. He added: ”

Mount Holyoke found its match in my mom. If it wasn’t for her, I’d probably be living in Massachusetts, working for some super-progressive politician, hanging out with people I had nothing in common with except ideology, and drinking everything.” time. And it would be miserable.”

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