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A rapper who was found guilty of two murders claims his conviction was wrongful and is seeking a second trial. Andre Dow, better known as Mac Minister, was convicted in 2008 in connection with the 2005 deaths of two Kansas City rappers, Anthony ‘Fat Tone’ Watkins and Jermaine ‘Cowboy’ Aikens. ‘Mac Minister’ is currently serving a life sentence.

“I was given four lives without the possibility of parole,” Dow said in a phone call with 8 News Now Investigators from prison. “I don’t know who killed Fat Tone.” After hearing Dow insist on his innocence on a podcast, Lateef Gray, a former San Francisco prosecutor who knew Dow from the neighborhood where he grew up, decided to investigate the matter.

Andre Dow Age

Andre Dow is 51 years old.

Incident Detail

He claimed to have discovered that Antoine Mouton, the witness who said Dow testified that Dow made incriminating statements to him in Las Vegas, was actually in custody in Georgia at the time. Since then, Mouton has changed his story.

In 2004, Bay Area rapper Mac Dre died in Kansas City, Missouri. The shooter was rumored to be Fat Tone, however the police denied Fat Tone’s involvement. Dow stated that he did not take the rumors seriously. He later asked Fat Tone to meet Snoop Dogg in Las Vegas in 2005.

While surveillance footage showed Dow leaving a casino with Fat Tone and Cowboy, Dow claims they soon parted ways. “I don’t know where they went, but he said he had some business to attend to,” Dow said. Clark County Chief Assistant District Attorney Marc DiGiacomo prosecuted the case, specifying a deadline by which Mouton had to have been arrested.

DiGiacomo later admitted that he made a mistake. However, DiGiacomo continues to support the murder conviction even as Dow claims his innocence in court. “I have the phone records and the 911 call that establishes the time line,” he testified.

Meanwhile, Gray told 8 News Now Investigators that he believes Dow is innocent and that authorities have not released Mouton’s custody situation and criminal record. Robert DeMarco, an attorney, filed a habeas corpus petition alleging that the prosecution withheld information and that Dow did not get a fair trial.

Lamont “Marlo Boss” Williams, Fat Tone’s cousin, said, “If he didn’t pull the trigger, he’s just as guilty as the person who pulled the trigger, because he set it up.” definitely behind that, so yeah, definitely… I’ll say it a thousand times. I will say it to his face a thousand times.

Cowboy and Fat Tone’s remains were discovered next to a construction site. Two days later, a burnt-out car was discovered in California that prosecutors say was related to the incident.

Additionally, investigators suggested a connection between Dow and his co-defendant Jason Mathis, as well as a woman who was murdered in California earlier that year before Dow was jailed. Dow was arrested after appearing on ‘America’s Most Wanted.’ High Desert State Prison served as Dow’s residence. Clark County District Court Judge Michelle Leavitt is expected to rule on Dow’s case.

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