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Ande Blackthunder and Danny Garcia Wiki – Ande Blackthunder and Danny Garcia Biography

Authorities have released the names of two persons who passed away at a party over the weekend in Yuma, Arizona. Two young males were killed and five teenagers were injured after more than 30 rounds were fired. Ande Blackthunder, 20, and Danny Garcia, 19, were among those killed at the party on Saturday night in the southeast Yuma neighbourhood, Yuma Police Chief Thomas Garrity revealed at a press conference on Monday, May 15.

Jose Lopez, a suspect, was detained at the Yuma County Adult Detention Centre after being arrested. He is 18 years old.Garrity stated, “The most crucial thing I want the general public to comprehend is that this was not a random event. “ “Everyone was acquainted. A party was held that got out of control. Police collected numerous guns from the site, according to the police chief, and are still looking into what exactly happened to trigger the fatal shooting.

Ande Blackthunder and Danny Garcia Age

Ande Blackthunder  was 20 years old and Danny Garcia was 19 years old.

Ande Blackthunder and Danny Garcia Cause of Death

Garrity pleaded with anyone who may have knowledge of the incident to contact the police: “We want to talk to everyone because we want to make sure we catch the people responsible for this and hold them accountable for this heinous event.” According to ABC News, police have set up a $1,000 reward if the information results in the arrest and punishment of the criminals.

Around 10:54 p.m. on Saturday, a fight broke out at the party. After word of the party spread on social media, the number of persons involved increased from a small number at first to over 100, according to Garrity. Garrity stated, “We can corroborate that this was a house party and that everyone engaged knows one another.

According to the police chief, there were numerous parties going on that night in the Yuma town due to all the graduations and other events. There was no sign of any form of violence, which would have qualified the call as “priority one.” He was making reference to a relative of the home’s owner who had reported noise to the police roughly an hour before to the shooting.

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