Ana Mardoll Lockheed Martin scandal explained amid Twitter trend

Ever since author Ana Mardoll was revealed to be working for Lockheed Martin, an aerospace and defense company, she has had tremendous success on social media. After the activist started a discussion about ableism on social media, netizens delved into her personal life.

Online, Ana Mardoll is primarily recognized for her views on social justice and literature. After stating that she was able to hint that one needs to read a lot to become a good writer, she started trending on Twitter. The online character, who describes himself as a “non-binary trans guy”, was criticized by internet users for being too “leftist”.

Netizens revealed that Ana Mardoll worked for Lockheed Martin as the activist was still harassed online. It is a large defense company that is believed to have contributed to the US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The organization has allegedly been implicated in the occupation of Palestine, according to Reddit user parsleybutter. Even some online users claimed that the business was terrorizing Yemen.

According to the official Lockheed Martin website, they mainly cooperate with US federal government agencies and the US Department of Defense.

Internet users were furious with Mardoll for working with the defense contractor who was seen as a supporter of the war online.

Ana Mardoll responds to Lockheed Martin’s speech

At the time of this writing, the author of No Man of Woman Born had canceled his Twitter account. However, a Twitter user shared a screenshot of Ana Mardoll defending her employment at the company.

While netizens continued to criticize Ana Mardoll for her involvement with the group, some also accused him of lying about his age.

Online, the author refers to himself as a “trans guy,” leading many readers to believe he was in his 20s. But then it was discovered online that the writer and activist had reportedly been an employee of Lockheed Martin for 15 years. Since the author portrayed himself in a different light, many people felt cheated.

The author was also criticized by Internet users for allegedly soliciting money from his fans despite working for the largest defense company in the US.

Mardoll has also revealed on social media that his “favorite job” is:

More than 4,200 people have subscribed to Ana Mardoll’s official YouTube channel, where she has posted several Let’s Play videos. Eight months ago, she posted the video “Let’s play, honey, I joined a cult” on YouTube.

His best-known works include Survival Rout, Poison Kiss, and Cinder the Fireplace Boy and the Gayly Grimm Tales.

Netizens react to Lockheed Martin’s employment of Ana Mardoll

Netizens expressed their disappointment when they learned that the writer was an employee of the company, as already revealed. His ableist online speech has gained a lot of attention recently. Online trolls bombarded the author with criticism.

Ana Mardoll had not responded to the criticism she had been receiving online at the time of writing the article.