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Pablo Lyle, an actor, recently received a five-year prison sentence and an eight-year probationary period. The charges are linked to the death of Juan Ricardo Hernández in 2019. The verdict was announced on February 3, and as the trial began, Lyle’s family apologized for everything that led to Juan’s death.

They even tried to convince the court that Lyle was a decent person and, according to his wife, Ana Araujo, he felt guilty about the incident. Pablo also spoke about the same thing when he said that he understands the pain when someone loses a close person. for themselves. He continued:

Ana Araujo Age

Ana Araujo is 34 years old.

Incident Detail

According to NBC Miami, Pablo Lyle’s son, Juan Ricardo Hernandez Jr., described his father as a cheerful and loving person and could not explain it with words. According to Ana Araujo’s Instagram page, she is an influencer and founder of Skinny Bakery, which features a collection of sugar- and flour-free desserts and donuts.

She also runs a podcast with a nutritionist called My Wellness Friend. Araujo and Pablo Lyle fell in love in their teens and were between the ages of 14 and 16. However, the relationship didn’t last long for some reason, and they went their separate ways.

The duo met again after eight years and tied the knot in 2011. They later became parents to two boys, Arantza and Mauro, and both boys have been frequently featured on their mother’s social media posts. Rumors swirled around Araujo and Lyle’s split when Araujo once described Lyle as her ex-husband on her podcast.

Araujo was reportedly starting a new relationship with soccer star Marc Crosas when Lyle was placed under house arrest. However, the rumors ended after she was seen kissing Lyle goodbye after his recent sentencing. In 2019, Pablo Lyle, his brother-in-law, and the rest of the family were traveling by car to the Miami airport. The group had a dispute in the middle of the road with Juan Ricardo Hernández, who accused them of reckless overtaking.

Lyle’s brother-in-law began arguing with Juan, and security footage revealed that as the argument continued, Lyle got out of the car, ran up to Hernandez, and punched him in the face. Hernandez was lying there, but Lyle and his family weren’t bothered by that and eventually went to the airport.

However, Lyle was detained at the airport and Juan eventually passed away from a traumatic brain injury. Pablo Lyle is famous for his performances in the 2019 comedy film, Mirreyes vs. Godinez. He has also appeared on TV shows like Verano de amor, Mujeres asesinas, Cachito de cielo, Conan, Yankee and more.

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