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A yoga instructor miraculously survived near-fatal injuries after she was struck by a boat propeller while on a luxury vacation in Mexico. Amor Armitage, 37, was hospitalized after sustaining horrific injuries while she was diving with her husband Chase. According to her reports, she revealed how doctors told her that a “miraculous” two-inch blood clot in her artery prevented her from bleeding to death and now she was recovering in a hospital on the Caribbean island of Cozumel.

Meanwhile, 37-year-old Chase was desperately trying to raise over £60,000 (~$72,600) to cover medical bills and get his wife back to the UK. According to the Daily Mail, the incident took place about a fortnight ago after Armitage flew to Cozumel to contact her stuntwoman husband, who had been working on an American film set. The couple vacationed in Cozumel and planned another two weeks touring Florida before heading back to Basingstoke in the New Year.

Amor Armitage Age

Amor Armitage is 37 years old.

Incident Detail

Amor posted a gripping account of the incident on her yoga website. She said that on December 17 they decided to go on a diving and snorkeling trip to see stingrays, reef sharks and a giant sea turtle. The experience had been “truly magical”, but things went awry soon after. “I felt a bit cold and decided to head to the boat to warm up.

I swam to the ladder of the boat, there was music on the boat and the captain was not looking in my direction,” he wrote, continuing: “When I hold on to the ladder, I pull out a fin, the captain doesn’t see me, I suddenly realize that the ship has started to move and I can’t say anything, the words just don’t come out, everything seems to slow down.

When I feel the boat’s propeller hitting my abdomen, genitals and legs, my body feels heavy and I see the boat moving away from me, a visceral cry comes from my guts, asking for help, the captain sees me but I know I have to swim towards the boat so with cuts all over my body i managed to swim to the ladder once again it tells me i have to climb the ladder i looked down and saw myself from the inside out i feel like there is no chance i can get up by myself “.

Armitage continued, “God must have been holding me,” as she somehow pulled her broken body onto the deck. “My body feels mauled and I’m in pain that’s out of this world… Once I get up, the captain helps me place my body on the ground and I start to shake, he calls the dive team and Chase arrives,” he said. she said she. Amor said that she felt that she was going to die at that moment, but the words of love from her husband gave her the strength to carry on.

“He did everything possible to keep me with him and I really feel like if it wasn’t for my angel Chase, I wouldn’t be here today,” she added. Speaking to the Daily Mail on Saturday December 31, Chase said he had been diving eight meters underwater and heard the chilling screams of his wife as she surfaced. “I was lying on the deck with my abdomen open. They were incredible injuries and I had no idea how I would survive them,” she recalled, adding:

“I got rid of the heavy scuba gear and held her as best I could.” “You hear people talk about soul mates, and Amor and I are those soul mates. We are quite spiritual people, we feel very connected. I told her that I would not let her go, that we had a lot of strength together.” her, that the world needed her and that it was not time for her to leave her. And that she had shown that she was a miracle by staying alive.

But it wasn’t even about the words. The love we have is powerful enough. She also has a positive mindset and despite the situation she faced, that helped her a lot.” Armitage was rushed ashore in an ambulance and taken to the intensive care unit of Cozumel International Hospital, where she underwent a four-hour operation to rebuild and reattach her bones and tendons.

In addition, she also underwent surgery on her inner thigh that had reportedly been “completely turned out.” Fortunately, however, the propeller had not severed any organs. “It appears that during the accident, I had a blood clot in the femoral artery that prevented me from losing too much blood both during transport to the hospital and during surgery. Without that, I would have lost a lot of blood,” Armitage reported. she said.

She said she underwent a second operation to remove the blood clot and reroute the severed artery using a vein harvested from the other leg. That said, Ella Armitage also receives daily treatment in a hyperbaric chamber, which increases oxygen levels in her blood and helps speed up the healing process. While she is on painkillers and is unable to move her left leg properly, she regains feeling in her toes and there is hope for a full recovery.

A source from the Cozumel Port Authority told the Daily Mail that officials will conduct an internal investigation into the incident. Chase has now put his beloved Porsche Spyder 981 sports car up for sale and is trying to raise funds through online campaigns. She said the hospital bills were in excess of £60,000 (~$72,600). The couple, who tied the knot in 2017, are quite popular on social media, where fans keep up with their glamorous lifestyle and wellness tips.

Chase became known for her parkour running skills on the streets and has more than 75,000 followers on Instagram. Meanwhile, Armitage runs a yoga studio in Hampshire and has a following of 16,000. She thanked her supporters in a blog post for “supportive messages, comments and audio from people who love me.” She added: “Now I can clearly see the angels on Earth and I am so thankful.”

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