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Who were Amina and Sarah? Trial Begins in Texas for Murderer Yasir Said With your permission, we present some breaking news that has been picked up by Internet users. In Dallas, the capital murder trial for Yaser Said began on Monday, August 1.

As he explained, 65 is suspected of killing his two teenage daughters, Amina, 18, and Sarah, 17, in 2008, probably as a result of his relationships with American boys. He defended shooting his two sons and dying in a motel in Irving.

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According to sources, Sarah called 911 immediately before she passed away, framing jurors for what they thought was gruesome testimony. She “was dying when her father shot her” After being shot nine times, she reported it to the dispatcher, according to the WFAA story. Authorities said that despite being on the 10 Most Wanted list for several years after the murders, he was finally arrested in August 2020 in Justin, Texas, north of Fort Worth. There are still some details about the news that we need to share with you, which we will do in the next section of the article.

Said was upset that his teenage daughters were dating, according to close friends who were mentioned. The Forth Worth Star telegram said the girls were victims of “honor killings” based on family members who claimed their father thought they brought shame to the family. Wherever he went, he followed them and watched them move. People are talking about the news and this case has replaced the controversy. To present readers with all pertinent information, we searched our best sources. To learn more about the news, scroll down the page.

Trotter, whose son Joseph dated Amina, claimed that Said insulted his daughters and was obsessed with them. He was accused of sexual assault against Amina and Sarah when they were younger. It seems that the accusations were withdrawn. However, police believe the daughters were afraid of their father. Police believe that because the two girls were dating American boys, he became envious and obsessed. He was motivated to act in an inconceivable way by the police. We have provided all the information that we are aware of regarding the news that we obtained from various sources.

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