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Police discovered the body of a 100-year-old grandmother in Hamburg, Germany, after she was brutally murdered by her own grandson. Artur B reportedly killed her grandmother with an ax and then called the police to confess to the crime. Amalie G, a retired farm worker, was found dead in her Hamburg apartment after being attacked by her grandson, according to investigators.

Remarkably, the centenarian who faced such a horrible death survived World War II, famine, and also fled from the Nazis to Estonia.The motive behind this heinous act remains a mystery, but one of the relatives considered him “a black sheep” in the family, Bild reported. The relative also mentioned that although he worked as a “chemical worker”, Artur was mostly unemployed and financially unstable.

Amalie G Age

Amalie G was 100 years old.

Amalie G  Cause of Death

Police said that Artur, who is currently in jail, allegedly called to report that he had beheaded his grandmother. Based on preliminary autopsy results, the cause of death can be assumed to be a “cut of the cervical cord caused by blunt force,” chief prosecutor Liddy Oechtering told BILD. The police officers also added that they recovered the ax from the place.

During the autopsy, the coroners noted that one of the blows came from the back of the cervical spine. Apparently, on Tuesday afternoon, a court issued a warrant for the arrest of Artur B for involuntary manslaughter. Although Artur initially confessed to the murder and called the police, he has not revealed any information in front of the magistrate.

“In fact, we had good contact before his death. Amalie told me that her grandson had already entered the apartment through the balcony and wanted to steal her money, ”a neighbor told the German newspaper. Arguments between the grandmother and her grandson were loud enough for the neighbors to notice. According to one report, Artur was aware of the fortune his grandmother had saved.

“The grandson regularly came to her grandmother’s apartment and took care of her. But there were discussions anyway,” the anonymous relative said. The relative also added that a dispute over money may have escalated the situation on the night of the murder. Artur, however, according to prosecutors, had no criminal record and was only known for minor crimes, none of which were considered acts of violence.

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