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Steve Goncalves, father of Idaho murder victim Kaylee Goncalves, recently raised concerns regarding the investigation from day one. Criticizing police for their investigation at different junctures, the father reportedly claimed the victims had “big open gouges” that were clearly the work of a “sadistic man” and called police “cowards” for not sharing more with the public.

However, Steve’s other daughter and Kaylee’s sister, Alivea, criticized the report, saying that her father never made any such statements. Explaining on a Facebook discussion board, Alivea said: “Hello Steve’s daughter, Kaylee’s sister here. I hate to post but unfortunately this reporter was given bad information. We are also working with the attorney to remove this. , but I wanted you to know from the source: this information was not given to anyone at Fox in our family.”

Alivea Stevenson Goncalves Age

Alivea Stevenson Goncalves is 21 years old.

Incident Detail

The four University of Idaho students, Kaylee Goncalves, 21, her best friend Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and her boyfriend Ethan Chapin, 20, were killed on November 13. In the recent update during his interaction with Fox News Digital, Steve detailed his interaction with the coroner, Cathy Mabbutt.

He said, “She says, sir, I don’t think stabbing is the right word, they were like tears, like this was a powerful weapon, not like a stab.” He further added: “She said they were big open gouges. She said it was quick. It wasn’t something you could call 911 about. They weren’t going to bleed slowly.”

Additionally, Steve also stated: “She was outraged that they didn’t just come out and say she was a woman or a man because they should know by the amount of force it took to cause the injuries,” he said. “They’re just being cowardly. There are girls walking down the street right now who deserve to know. They should be looking for a sadistic man.” Meanwhile, police have yet to publicly name the suspect in the case.

Steve also said his daughter’s injuries “definitely didn’t match” Mogen’s injuries. “They may have died individually from the exact same thing, being stabbed, but there are more details. They’re not even close to matching. The knife opened up Kaylee Goncalves’ liver and lungs. She later added: “I have my own suspicions.” Meanwhile, Robbie Johnson, public information officer for the Moscow Police Department, said in a statement that they will not comment on or release specific details of the crime.”

It is what we must do to preserve the integrity of the investigation. We want more than an arrest. We want justice. It takes time to get it right.” While it was later revealed that the report of the knife wounds might be false, internet sleuths thought the news was absolutely horrific.

However, although the Reddit forum revealed Alivea’s alleged statements, some of them still believe that Steve’s statements are true. This is because Fox News has not yet removed/modified the content on its website. Meanwhile, Steve previously mentioned: “The officers are looking me square in the eye and the detective is looking me in the eye. I have no doubt that he is working as hard as he can.

But someone is not communicating. Nothing is being divulged “. It seems they are trying to suppress the story.” He also claimed in another interview with Fox News, Steve also alleged that the murder was primarily aimed at Kaylee and that might be why the suspect had to walk up the stairs to the third floor, ” I’m not a professional so I want to specify that, but they said the entry point was either the slider or the window.

It was the middle floor. So for me, he doesn’t have to go upstairs.” He added: “It looks like he didn’t go downstairs. We don’t know for sure, but he obviously went up the stairs. So I’m using the logic that he chose to go up there when he didn’t have to.”The internet was quick to react to the recent update and come up with their own theories. In one of the Reddit discussions, one user said, “It’s really scary. Awful.”

Another user added: “This makes me so sad… what  the hell has really happened here? Those injuries sound absolutely brutal and if this was a target, would that person have REAL anger for these people? And if they weren’t a target and were like SK it’s scary to think that someone who can do this to 4 people is on the loose, I just can’t fathom the fear these 4 would have felt that night.”

Another added: “The horrible wound(s) to the lungs could certainly prevent the victim from screaming and the liver sits right on the edge of the lower ribcage. grieving parent feeling powerless over what happened and he’s trying to regain control.” One user stated: “As bad as it sounds, at least it’s clear it was fast. They may not have had time to process what was happening, which would be better than a slow death.”

One user wondered: “Super sad. I think it’s been very obvious for quite some time that a man did this, not a woman. I don’t think anyone thought that was a question (although they may have faked it).” One user also claimed: “It looks like Xana woke up after or during her boyfriend’s attack if she was the only one with defense wounds. Honestly this is scary and the depth of the wounds is really horrible.” Another comment read: ”

If I had a son or daughter on this campus, I would want to know if my son was safe. Other than saying this was a target, police have given no details to confirm others are safe. I believe that this parent wants others to know that a brutal killer could still be out there The police seem to be hiding behind the “we don’t want to compromise the investigation” Because as a parent, I’m sure you would want to know more about why my child is safe if stays there.

He’s said multiple times that his wounds didn’t match, in my opinion it may be because whoever was stabbed first (Maddie?) could have been fatally shot straight to the neck or heart. Like where Kaylee could having been woken up by her bed partner was attacked so her injuries were deeper. I’m obviously speculating here based on what he has said. Absolutely heartbreaking to even imagine that sweet girl awake/aware of what was happening to her. I think the same situation could apply to E&X as well. The first victim was asleep in bed, the second was awake. Sadistic, just like he said.

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