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Alison Russo-Elling

Alison Russo-Elling  Wiki -Alison Russo-Elling  Biography

Alison Russo-Elling, 61, a World Trade Center first responder and 25-year EMS veteran, was stabbed by Astoria resident Peter Zisopoulos in an unprovoked attack while searching for food near his station in Queens. EMS In the Astoria neighborhood where FDNY Lt. Alison Russo-Elling worked and was killed, a makeshift memorial at her residence chanted “Defund the Politicians” as residents remembered her alleged killer as a “crazy” man on Saturday wandering around the neighborhood aimlessly.

Defund the politicians Enough is enough. Justice for Alison,” read a stack of billboards on 20th Avenue, where the 61-year-old paramedic was killed. The Astoria man attacked Russo with a knife and stabbed her multiple times. He was initially taken to a hospital for examination. Zisopoulos ran to 19-80 41st St and locked herself in his third-floor apartment. Police hostage negotiators were able to get him out of an apartment, where he was arrested and later taken to the Astoria police station.

Alison Russo-Elling Age

Alison Russo-Elling was 61 years old.

Incidnet Detail

Russo-Elling was known as the mother of the season and she was full of life. Others left messages at a memorial outside the 49th Street station, expressing their condolences and thanking EMTs for her service. One said, “Thank you for what you do for Astoria.”

A bouquet of flowers from Bronx FDNY EMS Station 17 read, “It was a privilege to have met you” and “You will never be forgotten.” Zisopoulos allegedly chased the Good Samaritan away as he brandished a knife and yelled, “Fuck you, fuck you!” while he tried to intervene.

Zisopoulos stabbed the victim, Alison Russo, multiple times with a knife, resulting in her death, according to prosecutors. Peter Zisopoulos was being held at Bellevue Hospital on Saturday, awaiting his arraignment. The 34-year-old accused killer has been charged with murder and criminal possession of weapons.

Deputy Chief Gregg Brady of the New York Fire Department recalls FDNY Lt. Alison Russo-Elling, saying, “I partnered with her at 45 Rescue as a rescue paramedic, she was willing and able to respond to calls in the community. Special Operations, in the most dangerous of environments.

Every day we were up for that task, and today we mourn her for the hard work and dedication she has put in for over 24 years. She spent every day trying to be there for the men and women who are standing behind me to make sure they get home safely.

He had his heart on his sleeve I would give you the shirt I was wearing and he was there for me when I was at my most vulnerable He put his arm around me and said everything was going to be alright.”Lieutenant Russo had a heart of gold, she was here the entire station, she made sure we were all okay. We are a very close knit station.

She made sure everyone got home safely. I’ve known her for over 13 years . , she was the mother of the station. She was full of life; she was a great person. It’s a tragedy that we have to go through this again,” said FDNY Paramedic Madelyn Higueros, recalling FDNY Lt. Alison Russo.

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