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As the investigation into the death of a homeschooled boy continues, it has been discovered that the tragedy could have been prevented had authorities heeded crucial clues. Alexandru Radita, 15, died in 2013 at his home in Calgary. At that time he weighed only 37 pounds.

His cause of death was later determined to be bacterial sepsis, which was the result of starvation and untreated diabetes. Four years after his death, in 2017, his parents, Emil and Rodica Radita, were convicted of his murder and sentenced to life behind bars. At the time, it was also reported that both culprits must serve 25 years in prison before being eligible for parole.

Alexandru Radita Age

Alexandru Radita was 15 years old.

Alexandru Radita Cause of Death

Now, an investigation has reportedly been launched to find ways to prevent such a tragedy in the future. During the investigation, which began earlier this week, fingers were raised against Alberta’s homeschooling system. Radita was reportedly enrolled in the same system as a fifth grader in 2009. However, in that year, she did not submit any work, and as a result, the online School of Hope canceled her admission. Not only that, she never enrolled in online school.

Alberta Education field services manager Christine Bouchard testified to her during the investigation, stating that a new automated system has now been included that determines if students were not registered for education. The system also informs school boards if registration has not been made.

However, the same system did not exist in 2009, Bouchard stated before adding: “The education system today also relies on parents to make the right decisions for their children’s education,” the Calgary Herald reported. She added: “We work together to try to make sure that students are registered somewhere. It’s a faith-based system that parents are going to do the right thing with their children.” Provincial Court Judge Sharon Van de Veen stated: “In Radita’s case, it was only the school that could have stopped what happened to her. When a child does not attend school all year, someone should check on them. In this case, that child endured incredible suffering while there were no systems to help him.How (can we) prevent something like this from happening again?

Previously, it was reported that the teenager was forced to live in “intentional isolation” by his mother and her father. According to the CBC, Crown Prosecutor Susan Pepper said: “I had no friends or teachers or support people or doctors, or really anyone.”

She continued, “I think, unfortunately, there are probably kids in the same situation as Alex Radita. It would be naive to think that there aren’t other children who are being isolated by their parents so that those parents can abuse and/or neglect them,” she said, adding, “As good as our system is, it should be better. That shouldn’t happen. If this case could lead to anything, it would be a meaningful discussion about how to fix things and how to make changes for other children who are living in conditions that may not lead to homicide, but who are suffering.”

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