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Former Balenciaga creative director Alexander Wang has been mercilessly criticized online after staging a fashion show in New York City, just a few years after facing multiple allegations of sexual assault by transgender men and women and cisgender men. The event saw models like Julia Fox and Gabriette Bechtel on the runway wearing the disgraced designer’s new collection.

There were a total of 150 in attendance, including Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, who booed him from the front row to encourage him. Vogue also published a full-page review of the February 8 show, which was not in the official New York Fashion Week (NYFW) guide.

Alexander Wang Age

Alexander Wang is 39 years old.

Incident Detail

The fashion magazine said: “It’s been a minute since Alexander Wang has walked the runway in New York City. Between that May 2019 show and now, Wang faced allegations of sexual misconduct that cast doubt on the future of his business.”

“He made a public apology and his accusers announced they were ‘moving on,’ and he performed a show in Los Angeles’ Chinatown in April 2022, but a return to New York City has a different level of importance,” Vogue noted. , before adding: “Getting that heat back won’t be easy, but when he came bounding out of backstage and did his trademark bow, you knew he was going to give it his best.”

Wang himself spoke to Complex about his Cupid’s Door show, saying: “New York has always been my home, but one of the most exciting things about New York right now is that it’s going through this renaissance with a lot of new energy and new people. that comes. in.”

He also mentioned the challenges he faced when coming up with the new collection, which is supposed to be available in May of this year. The 39-year-old added: “It’s a mix of three seasons, so we always try to wait for the right moment when we feel like there’s something to be said with a message that we really believe in.

The most challenging part is when you’re working during multiple seasons, how to put it together into one story and present it at the right time, in the right place, all the logistics, but it’s the exciting part.” All this hype and praise apparently wasn’t enough for people, who didn’t shy away from calling out Wang.

They also took a dig at Fox, who walked the ramp as the alleged sexual predator. One critic tweeted: “I don’t understand why celebrities are so obsessed with Alexander Wang. What is this guy doing that makes you want to forget about the rape accusations of him? Are they so into cheap collections and sexual assault?

Another reviewer wrote: “Disgusting serial assailant Alexander Wang has been welcomed back to New York Fashion Week as if nothing ever happened. absolutely the most disgusting. People need to boycott this son of a bitch and spread the word to models to stay away from their castings.”

The third sarcastically shared, “never ask a man his salary to a woman her age in the fashion industry about her support for alexander wang.” One tweet commented: “Julia Fox standing with Amber Heard & Alexander Wang tells me everything I need to know about this sleazy abuse apologist ? #JuliaFoxProtectingAbusers #JuliaFox #AmberHeardlsAnAbuser #Feminazi,” while a second added:

“Wish we collectively forget about Alexander Wang’s existence. His return to NYFW is a shame for all of us because it confirms loud and clear that we still don’t care about sexual assault victims and still bow down to rapists because they design well. You can’t separate art from artist”.

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