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Redacted graphic video released Monday during a trial shows Alex Murdaugh sobbing near the bodies of his wife and son. The video that was initially shown to jurors was made public on Monday. At one point in the video, when a police officer approaches Alex to search him for weapons, he asks if they were dead, and at one point, while he’s on the phone, he says “it’s bad.

On June 7, 2021, Maggie, 52, and Paul, 22, were shot numerous times on the family’s hunting ground. “It’s bad, I checked his pulse,” Murdaugh tells the officer as he paces back and forth in a white T-shirt, shorts and sneakers. Alex is seen sobbing as he is on the phone with a police officer who asks, “When did you last see them or something?” The husband responds after holding himself up and trying to speak clearly, wiping his face on his T-shirt: ”

Alex Murdaugh Age

Alex Murdaugh was 64 years old.

Alex Murdaugh  Cause of Death

It was earlier tonight. I don’t know the exact time… I probably left an hour and a half ago… I saw them 45 minutes before that.” He then asks the police officer that he rode with Paul for two hours that afternoon in a van. He then asks, “Could I go check them out?” to which the officer replies: “Yes sir, they already checked them.”

Paul then asks again, “did you check them? Are you sure they’re dead?” The officer replies, “That’s what it looks like.” At another point, when the officer approaches him, he asks, “They’re dead, aren’t they?” He replies, “That’s what it looks like.” At this point, Alex is on the phone telling him “everyone is dead”, as he continues to sob.

At one point, while being searched, the officer asks, “Is this his wife?” He replies “wife and son” after a short pause as he moves he says “It’s wrong, it’s wrong…I checked her pulse.” When the police officer initially approached him indicating on the communication device that the scene was safe, Alex told them that he had brought a weapon, “Sir, I want to inform you that due to the scene I went looking for a weapon and brought it down here.” …is leaning out of the front of my car.” he clears up when the officer asks if he has any guns.

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