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Disappearance of Allahnia Lenoir: Her parents are confident that she is still alive. Authorities in Atlanta Georgia, Allahnia Lenoir’s family, friends and the public have questions about her whereabouts due to her disappearance. Allahnia was reportedly last seen on July 30 at the 1660 Peachtree Street location of Peachtree Midtown Apartments. She went there to meet two men with a girlfriend, but no one has heard from her since.

The 24-year-old’s family believes she is alive, but they also believe someone abducted her. Georgia police are still looking for her. The researchers, however, have so far confirmed nothing. Members of Allahnia’s family organized a vigil on Sunday August 7, during which they prayed for her safe return and handed out flyers near the area where she is believed to have disappeared.

Jannette Jackson, the mother of the missing woman, told FOX 5 that “three people have seen my daughter and each one has a different narrative. We and I have a right to know what happened to her. We know that she had to be kidnapped because she didn’t want to leave for no apparent reason.

Don’t forget to mention my daughter’s name, Jannette added. She continued, saying that it is inconceivable that someone who undoubtedly knows what happened to her daughter would remain silent. “It’s awkward when someone has information but keeps it to themselves. I won’t and I can’t accept it as a mother.” She said, “I just pray that she has food where she is,” because Allahnia loved eating and enjoying time with her loved ones.

Abraham Lenoir, Allahnia’s father, said he believes his daughter is in good health. Keep your composure, Alliahnia, he advised her. We will locate you. Also, he said, “If you can hear me. both your father and your mother. We adore you very much. And we won’t give up until you’re located. Your narrative is just beginning; This is not over. Fight please! Never give up! We will all continue to pray that you find the strength to come home.

Abraham implores the audience to help them. Try to imagine not hearing from a loved one for so long, he said, quoted by CBS46. An absolute nightmare. Please let us see our daughter one more time. Please let us know how her well-being turns out.

The woman is reportedly described as being 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighing close to 120 pounds. Her eyes are brown and she has black hair. She was wearing a blue top, blue shorts and cream shoes when she left her house on July 30.

Allahnia’s whereabouts are still unknown, but anyone with information is asked to call 911 or the Atlanta Police Missing/Homicide Unit at 404-546-4235. Additionally, a “find fruit” Instagram feed has been created in an effort to locate Allahnia.

“This is a place for us to be respectful and share as much information as we can in hopes of finding Fruity’s whereabouts,” read a post on the account. Be polite and let’s show the world that we are a family and a unit! We’ll track down Fruity as a team! Use appropriate vocabulary and tasteful images! Your family and the rest of the world are watching! #finding fruity.”